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hunting for code to clean up
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gwpantazes / How to Install JDK MacOS
Last active May 13, 2021
How to install different JDK versions on MacOS with Homebrew
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How To Install Different JDK Versions on MacOS with Homebrew

Keywords: Java, JDK (Java Development Kit), MacOS, Homebrew, Specific Version

This how-to guide covers how to install different versions of the JDK on MacOS with Homebrew.

Table of Contents

rskelley9 /
Last active Feb 8, 2021
Workaround: Connect your Chromecast to a Hotel Wireless Network


I recently relocated for new employment. I've been staying in an extended stay hotel for about 3 weeks now. The hotel I'm staying in gives its guests free Wifi access. However, it requires users to accept terms and conditions on a splash page via browser interface before they can use the network. This makes it difficult to use my Chromecast with the network, as it doesn't have a means of accessing that splash page. While I could call the IT help line, I decided to explore a work-around.

Like many networks, my hotel's network attempts to improve security by using MAC address filtering. Luckily, Mac OS X (10.4 - 10.10) makes it very easy to spoof your network card's MAC address.

Here's how to add a devices like Chromecast, AppleTV, Roku to a wireless network that requires a browser to authenticate and accept terms and conditions.

Before You Start

luciomartinez /
Last active Mar 15, 2021
Add or Remove trailing slash in bash
### Add trailing slash if needed
[[ $last_char != "/" ]] && STR="$STR/"; :
echo "$STR" # => /i/am/a/path/
afn / gist:c04ccfe71d648763b306
Created Jun 12, 2014
Restart phantomjs when it hangs
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# Borrowed from
RSpec.configure do |config|
config.around(:each, type: :feature) do |ex|
example = RSpec.current_example
example.instance_variable_set('@exception', nil)
self.instance_variable_set('@__memoized', nil) # clear let variables
brandonb927 /
Last active May 9, 2021
OSX for Hackers: Yosemite/El Capitan Edition. This script tries not to be *too* opinionated and any major changes to your system require a prompt. You've been warned.
# SOME COMMANDS WILL NOT WORK ON macOS (Sierra or newer)
# For Sierra or newer, see
# Alot of these configs have been taken from the various places
# on the web, most from here
bokmann / ActiveRepository.rb
Created Mar 27, 2012
ActiveRepository Strawman
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# MOTIVATION: As rails apps are growing, people are noticing the drawbacks
# of the ActiveRecord pattern. Several apps I have seen, and several
# developers I have spoken to are looking towards other patterns for object
# persistence. The major drawback with ActiveRecord is that the notion
# of the domain object is conflated with what it means to store/retrieve
# it in any given format (like sql, json, key/value, etc).
# This is an attempt to codify the Repository pattern in a way that would
# feel comfortable to beginner and seasoned Ruby developers alike.
saturnflyer / gist:1351998
Created Nov 9, 2011
simple load path handling
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def needs(short_path)
full_path = File.expand_path(__FILE__ + '../../../' + short_path)
unless $:.include?(full_path)
$: << full_path
# Example use:
# needs('app/models')
# require 'my_model'
derEremit /
Created Nov 8, 2011 — forked from anonymous/
Generates gource video out of multiple repositories.
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Generates gource video (h.264) out of multiple repositories.
# Pass the repositories in command line arguments.
# Example:
# <> /path/to/repo1 /path/to/repo2
jnx /
Created Oct 1, 2011
rbenv install and system wide install on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.
# Update, upgrade and install development tools:
apt-get update
apt-get -y upgrade
apt-get -y install build-essential
apt-get -y install git-core
# Install rbenv
git clone git:// /usr/local/rbenv
# Add rbenv to the path: