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Roope Kangas muhmi

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var params = {
Key: { cognitoId:{ S: cognitoId } },
TableName: "people",
UpdateExpression: "SET #attrName =:attrValue",
ExpressionAttributeNames : {
"#attrName" : "cheater"
ExpressionAttributeValues : {
":attrValue" : {
"S" : "TRUE"

Unity hotswapping notes

Unity has built-in support for hotswapping, which is a huge productivity booster. This feature works not only with graphics assets like bitmaps and meshes, but also with code: if you edit the source and save it, the editor will save the state of the running game, compile and load the new code, then load the saved state and continue where it left off. Unfortunately, this feature is very easy to break, and most available 3rd party plugins have little regard for it.

It looks like there’s a lot of confusion about hotswapping in Unity, and many developers are not even aware of its existence – which is no wonder if their only experience is seeing lots of errors on the console when they forget to stop the game before recompiling... This document is an attempt to clear up some of this confusion.

Nota bene, I’m not a Unity developer, so everything below is based on blog posts and experimentation. Corrections are most welcome!

The basic flow of hotswapping

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defmodule Transport do
def connect(params) do
hostname = params.hostname
port = params.port
path = params.path
timeout = params.connection_timeout
{:ok, conn} =, port)
{:ok, :http} = :gun.await_up(conn)
:gun.ws_upgrade(conn, path)
muhmi / date_util.erl
Last active Sep 13, 2015 — forked from zaphar/date_util.erl
set of utility functions that wrap the calendar module and erlangs now() date() and time() functions
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epoch() ->
epoch_hires() ->
muhmi / ssh.config
Created Mar 27, 2015
Route SSH connections through a bastion host
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Host bastion_ip
User ec2-user
HostName ##.##.##.##
ProxyCommand none
IdentityFile ~/.ssh/bastion_key.pem
BatchMode yes
PasswordAuthentication no
Host *
ServerAliveInterval 60
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