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I may be slow to respond.

Nate McMaster natemcmaster

I may be slow to respond.
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blowdart / UpdateIISExpressSSLForChome.ps1
Last active Sep 21, 2019
IIS Express certs (for now) don't contain SAN strings. This makes Chrome unhappy. Make Chrome happy again with a new organic, artisanal, gluten free HTTPS certificate.
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# Create a new self signed HTTPS Certificate for IIS Express
# Crafted with all organic, GMO, gluten free ingreditations
# with an artisinal SAN to make Chrome 58 onwards happy.
# See
# Run this at an administrative PowerShell prompt.
# You will be prompted to trust a new certificate via a windows dialog.
# Click yes otherwise Visual Studio will not be able to determine your
davidfowl / Example1.cs
Last active Oct 12, 2020
How .NET Standard relates to .NET Platforms
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namespace Analogy
/// <summary>
/// This example shows that a library that needs access to target .NET Standard 1.3
/// can only access APIs available in that .NET Standard. Even though similar the APIs exist on .NET
/// Framework 4.5, it implements a version of .NET Standard that isn't compatible with the library.
/// </summary>INetCoreApp10
class Example1
public void Net45Application(INetFramework45 platform)
skratchdot /
Created Dec 9, 2015
Get the shasum hash of an entire directory (recursively)
find ./src -type f -print0 | sort -z | xargs -0 shasum | shasum
dgoguerra /
Last active Nov 4, 2020
Setup p4merge as difftool and mergetool on Windows

Setting up p4merge as diff and merge tool on Windows. Tried for Git version 1.8.4.msysgit.0.

Two alternatives are explained: using the command line, and directly editing the config file.

Setting up from the command line

Being the installation path "C:Program Files\Perforce\p4merge.exe", just run:

$ git config --global diff.tool p4merge
dypsilon /
Last active Nov 24, 2020
A badass list of frontend development resources I collected over time.
micahasmith / process-async-await.cs
Created Mar 4, 2013
.NET Process via Async/Await
View process-async-await.cs
public class Runner
public async Task<RunResults> Run(ProcessStartInfo info)
var process = new Process();
var runResults = new RunResults();
//some defaults that HAVE to be in place
info.RedirectStandardOutput = true;
info.RedirectStandardError = true;
dergachev /
Last active Nov 23, 2020
OS X Screencast to animated GIF

OS X Screencast to animated GIF

This gist shows how to create a GIF screencast using only free OS X tools: QuickTime, ffmpeg, and gifsicle.

Screencapture GIF


To capture the video (filesize: 19MB), using the free "QuickTime Player" application:

michaelcox / xdr.js
Created May 10, 2012
Adds XDomainRequest IE CORS support to jQuery
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// Based on
(function( jQuery ) {
if ( window.XDomainRequest && ! ) {
jQuery.ajaxTransport(function( s ) {
if ( s.crossDomain && s.async ) {
if ( s.timeout ) {
s.xdrTimeout = s.timeout;
delete s.timeout;
henrik242 / p4merge
Last active Sep 28, 2020
Helper script for p4merge and Git on MacOSX
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for arg; do [[ $arg = /* ]] || arg=$PWD/$arg; absargs+=("$arg"); done;
/Applications/ "${absargs[@]}"
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