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ndthanh /
Created Sep 28, 2020 — forked from brucemcpherson/
Google Apps Script equivalents for common VBA function
/** @description
* javaScript/Google Apps script functions that are equivalent to common VBA functions
* in general these provide the same functionality and have the same calling stack
* See for more details
* @author <a href="">Bruce McPherson</a><a href=""></a>
* Removes leading and trailing whitespace
* @param {string|number} v the item to be trimmed
ndthanh / fuzzy_name_lookup.bas
Created Nov 20, 2017 — forked from draffensperger/fuzzy_name_lookup.bas
Excel VBA module for fuzzy lookup (via Levenshtein distance) for a person id by first name and last name in a person range that has first, last, full and id fields.
View fuzzy_name_lookup.bas
Option Explicit
Private Type PersonQuery
firstName As String
lastName As String
fullName As String
firstNames As Range
lastNames As Range
fullNames As Range
namesSwapped As Boolean
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