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View issue21-schedule-delivery.js
module.exports = {
flags: 'schedule-delivery',
desc: 'Launch scheduled mail delivery, max of three days in advance.',
setup: sywac => {
.showHelpByDefault(false) // disable this here since schedule-delivery is a runnable command
.option('-l, --email-list <email-list>', {
type: 'string',
desc: 'The mailgun email list you would like to use.',
strinct: true, // this is misspelled, and strict does not apply to strings; use `required: true` to require this option

Installing Node.js


A: Download the Node.js Windows Installer

  1. Go to in your favorite web browser.

  2. Click on the big green Windows Installer button to download the installer.


Git Basics

Git is a system for storing changes to files in a repository consisting of one or more branches.

Let's briefly define what each of these terms mean.


A repository is basically just metadata for a directory (or folder) on your local file system. Just like you can have many directories on your file system, you can have many git repositories on your computer. You can think of a repository as a way to store information about the contents of a particular directory (and the changes made to those contents over time).

View combine.js
function combine (one, two) {
return one + two
function hello (name) {
return 'Hello ' + (name || 'World')
mkdir -p ./publish-tmp
cd publish-tmp
if [ "$?" != "0" ]; then
echo "failed to create publish tmp dir"
exit 1
View npme-users.js
#!/usr/bin/env node
// assumes that the Docker bridge is using ip
var client = require('redis').createClient('redis://')
var users = {}
client.keys('user-*', function (err, keys) {
var numKeys = keys.length
var numChecked = 0
keys.forEach(function (key) {
client.get(key, function (err, value) {

Open Virtualization Format

npm Enterprise can now be installed as a virtual appliance conforming to the Open Virtualization Format. If you already use a hypervisor or virtualization platform for your infrastructure (such as VMware), you can import and run an instance of this virtual appliance as a host VM instead of installing npm Enterprise on one of your existing hosts.

The appliance is distributed as an .ova file, which is essentially a tarball containing a virtual machine template (.ovf file), a virtual hard drive (.vmdk file), and a manifest (.mf file). Download the virtual appliance here.

Once you have downloaded the virtual appliance, check for binary completeness by comparing a SHA256 checksum of your download against the respective checksum file listed.

Virtual Appliance Default Specs


yargs module contracts


  • index function accepts yargs instance, usage instance, and validation instance; returns command instance
  • addHandler(cmd, description, builder, handler) accepts the following; returns undefined
    • command string or full object/module
    • optional help text description as string (or false for hidden command)
    • optional options object or builder function that accepts a yargs instance; optionally returns yargs or yargs.argv
    • optional handler function that accepts argv; returns anything (currently ignored)

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am nexdrew on github.
  • I am nexdrew ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key whose fingerprint is 4CEE 1709 9522 09E1 0BE3 D30D EEC1 7B84 0F8D DA89

To claim this, I am signing this object: