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Nicolas Falliere nfalliere

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from com.pnfsoftware.jeb.client.api import IScript
from import IDexUnit
Sample showing:
- how a script can be invoked after a cmdline-provided file has been processed by the JEB UI client
- currently, this script simply searches for a Dex code unit, attempts to find a disassembly fragment for it, and navigate to the cmdline-provided address
How to use:
$ jeb_startup_script --script=ScriptPath -- InputFile AddressToJumpTo
// reference:
// Print all identifiers supported by the currently instantiated JEB engines
void printAllAvailableIdentifiers(IEnginesContext engctx) {
for(IUnitIdentifier id: engctx.getUnitIdentifiers()) {;
// ... or:
nfalliere /
Created Nov 12, 2018
Sample code showing how to reparse unit's binary data as another format
// sample code, needs adjusting/customizing (see TODO tags)
// call reparse() with input information set in a ReparseInformation object
public class ReparseInformation {
IUnit unit;
String subUnitName;
String wantedType;
long offset;
long size;