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nishantmendiratta / sum(1)(2)(3)(4)..( n)() Frontend Javascript Interview
Last active April 22, 2024 11:57
sum(1)(2)(3)(4)..( n)() Frontend Javascript Interview Question

Visit Akshay Saini's YT channel for full video tutorial.

Can you write code for this function: sum(a)(b)(c)....( n)(). This should return the sum of all the numbers a+b+c+..+n.

// Functions in javascripts are First Class Functions
// Functions are like objects
nishantmendiratta /
Created February 23, 2024 19:25 — forked from stvhwrd/
Download an entire website for offline use with wget. Internal inks will be corrected so that the entire downloaded site will work as it did online.

The best way to download a website for offline use, using wget

There are two ways - the first way is just one command run plainly in front of you; the second one runs in the background and in a different instance so you can get out of your ssh session and it will continue.

First make a folder to download the websites to and begin your downloading: (note if downloading, you will get a folder like this: /websitedl/


nishantmendiratta / Time To Get Back To The Basics - How Browser Reads HTML, CSS, and
Last active January 7, 2024 17:24
📖 Getting Back To The Basics - How Browser Reads HTML, CSS, and JavaScript?

What happens when a browser loads a website?

  1. It fetches the HTML page (index.html)
  2. Begin parsing the HTML
  3. The parser encounters a <script> tag referencing an external script file.
  4. The browser requests the script file. Meanwhile, the parser blocks and stops parsing the other HTML on your page.
  5. After some time the script is downloaded and subsequently executed.
  6. The parser continues parsing the rest of the HTML document.

(Step 4) It causes a bad user experience. Your website basically stops loading until you've downloaded all scripts. If there's one thing that users hate it's waiting for a website to load.

nishantmendiratta / 3 Catchy Open-Source
Last active August 31, 2023 14:06
3 🐈chy Open-Source Projects

One of the reasons why I like javascript is because you can build and validate any kinda idea in no time.

The community is huge and generous enough that it has open-sourced tons of complex projects.

First off, I would like to thank all the open-source contributors who are making the world a better place. I hope you would be able to use some of the following resources and return the favor by contributing to our open-source community. Cheers to these unsung heroes!

As a curious software engineer, I'm always looking for the open-sourced alternatives of popular solutions. This post covers opensource alternatives of Notion, Google docs & Grammarly.

Also, don't expect that you will get a complete solution for free. These opensource projects may not have the exact functionality and tons of features but they do cover the basic idea of the product.

nishantmendiratta / ThatJsDev's Speed Analysis (Lighthouse).md
Last active June 20, 2020 14:32
⚡ ThatJsDev's Speed Analysis (Lighthouse)

TL;DR: it took about half a day to go from an abysmal 48 to a 100 Lighthouse score on my Nuxt.js blog.

ThatJsDev - Site Speed Analysis

Since launch, I haven't paid much attention to the performance of my blog. I read this article by Addy Osmani which explains why website performance is important. How important is the role of javascript in the page rendering cycle? If you want to know The Cost of Javascrip - Read this article

In short, this article includes some best practices to reduce estimated input latency and improve the performance of the site. You will also find 3 crucial tips to keep in mind while using nuxt framework. Want to learn how the webpage is read by the browser?. Read my post titled ["Getting Back To The Basics - How Browser Reads HTML, CSS, and JavaScript?"](https

nishantmendiratta / Can you beat ACP Pradyuman in this case?.md
Last active June 9, 2020 12:45
🦸 Can you beat ACP Pradyuman in this case?

WhatsApp Image 2020-06-05 at 9 21 48 PM

Most of you know that I'm not a storyteller. If you don't know my profession, I would strongly recommend looking into the IG-Bio [trust me first-cry, blowing candle जैसी vulgar बातों में से कुछ नहीं है उसमें]. Anyway, since we are talking about the profession, I hope you are familiar with this guy in this picture.

If you don't remember, this guy is ACP Pradyuman, and let me remind you CID was one of the Most Ridiculous TV Shows. These are not my words, this is something I read over the weekend. CID had supernatural powers. Why? -- BC they are the only humans capable of capturing infra-red radiations with swimming goggles, magnifying pictures thousands of times without ruining their resolution, and slapping criminals so hard that they immediately end up in the CID bureau. Moreover, these guys can find the supplier of

nishantmendiratta / Be a helping
Last active June 5, 2020 17:15
Be a helping hand 🙌

Respect what your parent/partner is doing for you.


It's easy to say that the circuit breaker is not that bad. Now you have more time to spend with family but are you spending time or passing time? — Think again.

It’s good that you are trying your hands at cooking. But, if you are not cleaning up the kitchen afterward my friend you are putting more work on your peers.

This doodle is the representation of what’s happing in 90% of Indian homes. “Male” members are enjoying and living their lives like a king while women are spending most of their valuable time in the kitchen. Maybe you have seen a viral quote floating around these days “It’s quarantine, not ‘who is more productive competition’” that’s funny but on a serious note, it’s not a holiday either. So, stop fucking commanding your partners/parents and start helping them out.

nishantmendiratta / 5 Things You Didn't Know Javascript Could
Last active May 31, 2020 13:34
🤯 5 Things You Didn't Know Javascript Could Do!

This post exposes a few Javascript hidden gems that many developers are unaware of. Hopefully, this would save some of your development/debugging time.

Get or set query arguments in a URL

// url.searchParam
let url = new URL("");
let query = url.searchParams.get("q"); // is the string "Learn Javascript"
let query = url.searchParams.get("page"); // is the number 2

nishantmendiratta / 10 Highly Recommended Ways To Cut People Out Of Your
Last active May 15, 2020 18:54
✌🏽10 Highly Recommended Ways To Cut Toxic People Out Of Your Life
nishantmendiratta / 👨‍💻Coping Today & Crying Tomorrow?.md
Created April 30, 2020 10:18
👨‍💻Coping Today & Crying Tomorrow?


I toasted these two pieces together but one is partially burnt. This compelled me to write a post on a crucial topic “Burnout”.

Here is something which no one is going to tell you in your 20s but you will realize in your 30s. Life is going to roast you, people are definitely going to push you beyond your limits. But unlike these toasted beads, you can take your life decisions.

You have to understand the fact that everyone has their own limits and certainly you too. If you keep on comparing yourself with Sharma Ji's kid you may hurt yourself. The pain is not always physical, it includes mental pain as well.

Subconsciously you may start feeding your mind that you are not good enough or you may start building an inferiority complex and ultimately you will burnout. This is one of the reasons why people lose hope & develop symptoms of anxiety & depression. However, o