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RuyiLi commented Apr 16, 2018


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jonahsnider commented Oct 4, 2018

You should add a section that says to use rich embeds at every imaginable opportunity.

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TeeSeal commented Nov 12, 2018

10/10 saved me from poverty

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ExceedFlame commented Feb 10, 2019


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ShayBox commented Apr 15, 2019

Thank for sponsor mi vid <3

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Ishidres commented Apr 16, 2019

11/10 ⭐️

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Ishidres commented Apr 16, 2019

but hey, embeds do look nice

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Fyko commented Apr 22, 2019

thank you

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KyleErhabor commented May 1, 2019

thank you, really needed this. Now my bot's being used by 600k users!!1!!!!

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Matin-A commented Jul 13, 2019

Thanks for making it clear, i was wondering why there are so many junk bot out there XD

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Naim2000 commented Apr 13, 2020

oh god you actually gave me an idea to use embeds more lol
i thought this was sarcastic

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possiblynova commented Jun 13, 2020

this... is sarcasm

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