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Joshua May notjosh

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View @11ty+eleventy+1.0.0.patch
diff --git a/node_modules/@11ty/eleventy/src/Eleventy.js b/node_modules/@11ty/eleventy/src/Eleventy.js
index 76e3ea9..9df3a04 100644
--- a/node_modules/@11ty/eleventy/src/Eleventy.js
+++ b/node_modules/@11ty/eleventy/src/Eleventy.js
@@ -632,19 +632,20 @@ Arguments:
await"beforeWatch", queue);
await"eleventy.beforeWatch", queue);
+ this.watchTargets.clearDependencyRequireCache();
+ this.resetConfig();
notjosh / script.js
Last active Jan 29, 2021
COVID vaccination progress in Germany
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'use strict';
const CONFIG = {
dataURL: '',
alsoDrawState: undefined,
const fetchJSON = async (url) => {
const request = new Request(url);
const data = await request.loadJSON()
notjosh / bridge-boot.log
Created May 25, 2020
BERG Bridge boot log
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Script started on Mon May 25 12:54:57 2020
command: screen /dev/cu.usbserial-1440 115200 8N1
Start AT91Bootstrap...
U-Boot 2012.04.01 (Sep 18 2012 - 14:24:35)
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We can make this file beautiful and searchable if this error is corrected: It looks like row 2 should actually have columns, instead of 4. in line 1.
View TeaUI.framework
0000000000007590 t +[TSTableView ts_preferredStyleForStyle:]
0000000000007648 t +[TUAccessibilityAnnouncer speak:style:]
0000000000006dd5 t +[TUApplicationWorkspace shared]
0000000000004c5d t +[TUMenuBarItem separatorItem]
0000000000007db1 t +[TUMenuBarItemHandlerProviderWrapper wrapperWithTarget:provider:]
0000000000002b6c t +[TUMenuBarManager menuAvailable]
0000000000002af9 t +[TUMenuBarManager sharedInstance]
00000000000050e2 t +[TUWindowToolbarItem flexibleSpaceItem]
0000000000005029 t +[TUWindowToolbarItem shareActionItem]
000000000000597a t +[TUWindowToolbarManager shared]
View gist:4e3d3486777052a2afc54c3d0911633c
0000000000002aa1 t +[TSApplicationWorkspace openManageSubscriptionsSettings]
0000000000002a20 t +[TSApplicationWorkspace openNewsSystemNotificationSettings]
0000000000002b28 t +[TSSKUI fontMetricsSection1]
0000000000002b22 t +[TSSKUI presentExplictRestrictionAlertControllerFromViewController:]
U Foundation.NSNotFound.getter : Swift.Int
U dispatch thunk of Foundation.JSONDecoder.decode<A where A: Swift.Decodable>(_: A.Type, from: Foundation.Data) throws -> A
U Foundation.JSONDecoder.init() -> Foundation.JSONDecoder
U type metadata accessor for Foundation.JSONDecoder
U static Foundation.JSONEncoder.OutputFormatting.prettyPrinted.getter : Foundation.JSONEncoder.OutputFormatting
U type metadata accessor for Foundation.JSONEncoder.OutputFormatting
View gist:b1fb774dd00f800aa52cca7d54b39d0b
# Reactive Cocoa 5 crash-course
Hello, World!
I sincerely hate most RAC/RAS/FRP/WTF/BBQ (MOAR three letter acronyms is what programming needs, definitely) that start with "oh, Reactive Cocoa is a framework for working with streams of values over time" or some other similar word-soup.
If you understand it already, I'm sure it makes sense, for newcomers it's absolutely horrible and impenetrable.
View env.xml
<details><summary>✅ fastlane environment ✅</summary>
### Stack
| Key | Value |
| ------------------- | ------------------------------------------- |
| OS | 10.12.1 |
| Ruby | 2.3.1 |
| Bundler? | true |
| Git | git version 2.9.3 (Apple Git-75) |
View wotd.rb
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# sigh, nokogiri :(
require 'nokogiri'
require 'open-uri'
require 'CGI'
def fetch(url)
notjosh / natalie.rb
Created Sep 29, 2016
Natalie 0.5 Homebrew formula
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# /usr/local/Library/Taps/homebrew/homebrew-core/Formula/natalie.rb
class Natalie < Formula
desc "Storyboard Code Generator (for Swift)"
homepage ""
url ""
sha256 "66e00a4095121255a9740a16a8a59daa289f878f2e1e77ba6a9f98d6a671a33c"
head ""
bottle do