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nylki / interval.js
Created June 15, 2020 16:23 — forked from ncou/interval.js
setTimeout and setInterval with pause and resume
function RecurringTimer(callback, delay) {
var timerId, start, remaining = delay;
this.pause = function() {
remaining -= new Date() - start;
local torch = require 'torch'
local ffi = require 'ffi'
local bit = require 'bit'
local stringx = require 'pl.stringx'
local path = require 'pl.path'
local function loadHDF5Library(libraryPaths)
local libraries = stringx.split(libraryPaths, ";")
local hdf5LibPath
for _, libPath in ipairs(libraries) do
nylki / char-rnn
Last active March 16, 2024 15:13
char-rnn cooking recipes

do androids dream of cooking?

The following recipes are sampled from a trained neural net. You can find the repo to train your own neural net here: Thanks to Andrej Karpathy for the great code! It's really easy to setup.

The recipes I used for training the char-rnn are from a recipe collection called And here is the actual zipped data (uncompressed ~35 MB) I used for training. The ZIP is also archived @ in case the original links becomes invalid in the future.

nylki / redshift.conf
Created October 18, 2014 10:25
My redshift configuration for location Berlin
; Global settings for redshift
; Set the day and night screen temperatures
; Enable/Disable a smooth transition between day and night
; 0 will cause a direct change from day to night screen temperature.
; 1 will gradually increase or decrease the screen temperature
nylki / bibliography.bib
Last active September 21, 2021 19:09
bibTeX file
title = {Graphical Summary of Patient Status},
volume = {344},
url = {},
timestamp = {2015-09-09T18:25:01Z},
number = {8919},
journaltitle = {The Lancet},
author = {Powsner, Seth M. and Tufte, Edward R.},
urldate = {2015-09-09},
nylki / ba.bib
Created August 6, 2014 19:12
BA Biblatex file
% Better BibLaTeX: generated
isbn = {0199295727},
location = {{Oxford ; New York}},
pagetotal = {352},
shorttitle = {{Seen/unseen}},
title = {{Seen/unseen: art, science, and intuition from Leonardo to the Hubble telescope}},
publisher = {{Oxford University Press}},
author = {Kemp, Martin},
nylki / Artefact.cpp
Created July 12, 2014 10:05
vector getting empty in draw method problem
#include "Artefact.h"
Artefact::Artefact(string cascadepath_, string name_, string description_, ofImage mockup_){
cascadepath = cascadepath_;
name = name_;
description = description_;
mockup = mockup_;
require 'formula'
class Nspr < Formula
homepage ''
url ''
sha256 '0cfbe561676b92e5af3ddc7ac77452014e3da8885da66baec811e7354138cc16'
def install
cd "nspr" do
nylki / schattenschachtelung.css
Created April 13, 2013 16:25
Für eine Leuchtschrift. Sparsam verwenden.
padding-right: 25px;
opacity: 1;
color: rgba(10%,0%,0%,1);
font-weight: bold;
font-size: 45px;
font-family: sans-serif;