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perXautomatik / scrobbleUserContinualy_$(log)_log.out
Created Sep 30, 2015
Fork - Scrobble Two or more users simultainiusly by this simple uiless program
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version 0.1
version 0.2
version 0.2
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# Author: Marcin Antkiewicz
# @deciban
# Use:
#find_chrome_extensions -OutputDir "c:\"
#idea ref:
#PS 2.o has no convertfrom-json, 2.0 helper from
perXautomatik / crop text after first space
Last active Apr 6, 2021
[Mapinfo] - [code reference]
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Left$(tableName, InStr(1,tableName, " "))
perXautomatik / empty message screen
Last active Apr 6, 2021
[Mapinfo] - [Code reference]
perXautomatik / Dubolt Mix
Last active Apr 6, 2021
[Explaining] How does Song recommendations work
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me:so i made this playlist out of asong 1, song 2, song 3, i was trying to take songs from different sides of my musical spectrum :)
other:i tried with artists but i dont know i think it recommended stuff that was like similar in general but not similar in sound :(
me:well you have to be veeeeeery openminded :)
this algorithms is only as good as it's dataset
the first song in my list has no sound in comon with songs i added to the list (which makes me even more excited XP)
let me show you in a image how it is generated most likely; se pastboardlink
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Emergency power + smothering tith
Shaelea, goblin mage, proliferation cantrips, proliferation mage, the wanderer.
generate a few tresaurs, turn treasure into gobilns, cast cheaper spells.
perXautomatik / Arduino
Last active Apr 6, 2021
[Project] - wireless usb conection
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For android in another room for example
perXautomatik / Automate fiber
Last active Apr 6, 2021
[Project idea] - [Android] monitors your power consumption
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battery draneage,
maybe pushing it as note, or
some resources efficient way to log and upload,
interesting in what state the Android phone is on each check such as
which sensors is on, screen brightness, running apps
ram usage
screen active or not
deep sleep or not
perXautomatik / gist:2647e681ca2c916b1bd70c662e6ad4d0
Last active Apr 6, 2021
The ultimate VR post apocalyptic game
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game mechanics should be more open source.
way lower pace, you shouldn't need to fight against the clock in acts of walking or searching but crafting should take time, risk hurting you or your tools, tools have weight so you have to make more chooses.
you can attempt to pickup most things but the time and energy it might take is taxing.
weight is only ressulting in your breath shortening and your runspeed lowering, it shouldn't slow you down or hinder you from picking other things up, unless you chose to wrapp around your hands.
it matters how you place your weight, around your wear, a backpack is much much better than a shoulder bag because of the way it disperse the waight and ain't in the way for one of your arms.
trawling in strong sunlight makes you more thirsty but doesn't kill you before your extreamly parshed.
perXautomatik / 1.txt
Last active Apr 6, 2021
Tid, qunatum perspektiv, en formulering
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efter att jag sätt filmen, "see you yeasterday" fick det mig att vilja formulera min egen upfattning av kvantmekanik.
har aldrig varit särskilt imponnerad av tidsresnings siefie då det ofta inneburigt konstiga plott tvister och annat fånigt på
grund av så kallad technologi, då föredrar jag fantasy med tidsresande som element, då man kan helt frångå att
försöka göra ideen hur som helst gångbar.
som jag förstår det, och så som jag tolkar det jag förstår, utan att ha källor och med intresse av att bli krittiserad:
tid är inte ett ting, tid är ett sätt för mäniskan att beskriva kaosala belopp i dess omgivning.
en observerare, en person, en klocka eller vad man nu vill använda för att sammla information med, finns i ett rum (låt oss kall det