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What the tx-flood stress-test means for you and how to deal with it

Steake commented Jun 22, 2015

This was /really/ useful.
Thank you very much!

Nice coverage Peter. Thanks for taking the time to write this.

thanks Peter, very useful

qertoip commented Jun 22, 2015

Good summary, thanks.

gurnec commented Jun 22, 2015

FYI as of v0.93.2 released Jun-10-2015, Armory by default calls Bitcoin Core's estimatefee RPC to recommend the tx fees.

jayd3e commented Jun 22, 2015

Awesome, thanks for the detailed description. 👍

Am I right in thinking fee/kB will always be the important metric?
I.E there would never be a situation where another measure was used, namely absolute fee or something else?

luke-jr commented Jun 22, 2015

@chris-belcher It's completely up to the individual miners to decide what policies they will use.

Very useful, thank you.

droark commented Jun 27, 2015

Thanks, Peter. Very concise and readable at high and low levels. A lot of food for thought here.

Beanow commented Sep 8, 2015

Looks like Tradeblock has taken up #3.
Particularly the table view shows a clear real-time analysis.
Mempool stats

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