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Philip Zucker philzook58

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philzook58 /
Created December 27, 2017 02:04
Edited Cartpole
Classic cart-pole system implemented by Rich Sutton et al.
Copied from
Edit reset in order to change initial stae to down low
philzook58 /
Last active August 18, 2019 18:57
import pickle
favorite_color = { "lion": "yellow", "kitty": "red" }
import os
pickle.dump( favorite_color, open( "./logs/save.p", "wb" ) )
print("it good b")
philzook58 / optimal_relation.hs
Created November 26, 2019 20:34
a sketch of using linear relations for LQR control
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-- state of an oscillator
data SHOState = X | P deriving (Show, Enum, Bounded, Eq, Ord)
data Control = F deriving (Show, Enum, Bounded, Eq, Ord)
-- Costate newtype wrapper
newtype Co a = Co a deriving (Show, Enum, Bounded, Eq, Ord)
type M = Matrix Double
dynamics :: forall x u. (BEnum x, BEnum u) => Matrix Double -> Matrix Double ->
HLinRel (Either x u) x
philzook58 / SOS Diff Eq.ipynb
Created December 12, 2019 03:53
Sum of squares for differential equations
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philzook58 / laplace.hs
Created December 22, 2019 18:46
Laplace equation using linear relations in hmatrix
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type HLinRel2D u d l r = HLinRel (Either u l) (Either d r)
A stencil of 2d resistors for tiling
philzook58 /
Last active December 24, 2019 23:32
z3 verify sorting network
#direct from
def oddeven_merge(lo: int, hi: int, r: int):
step = r * 2
if step < hi - lo:
yield from oddeven_merge(lo, hi, step)
yield from oddeven_merge(lo + r, hi, step)
yield from [(i, i + r) for i in range(lo + r, hi - r, step)]
yield (lo, lo + r)
philzook58 /
Created December 29, 2019 04:09
simple z3py proofs
def babylonian(x):
res = 1
for i in range(7):
res = (x / res + res) / 2
return res
x, y = Reals("x y")
prove(Implies(And(y**2 == x, y >= 0, 0 <= x, x <= 10), babylonian(x) - y <= 0.01))
philzook58 /
Created December 29, 2019 23:59
Verifying a neural network with z3
import sympy as sy
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import numpy as np
x = sy.symbols('x')
cheb = sy.lambdify(x, sy.chebyshevt(4,x))
xs = np.linspace(-1,1,1000)
ys = cheb(xs)
plt.plot(xs, ys)
philzook58 /
Last active January 7, 2020 02:54
positive polynomial optimization + taylor model sketch idea
import cvxpy as cvx
import numpy as np
import sos
import sympy as sy
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
#raised chebyehve
t = sy.symbols("t")
N = 5
# seems like even N becomes infeasible.
philzook58 /
Last active January 25, 2020 19:36
z3py relation algebra sketch
trivial = BoolVal(True)
def top1(x,y): # top is the full relation,
return trivial
def bottom1(x,y):
return BoolVal(False)
def top2(sorty):
def res(x):
y = FreshConst(sorty)