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archiewald /
Last active Mar 26, 2019
[warn pushing to protected branches] #git
protected_branches=('master' 'develop')
current_branch=$(git symbolic-ref HEAD | sed -e 's,.*/\(.*\),\1,')
for protected_branch in "${protected_branches[@]}"
if [ $protected_branch = $current_branch ]
View gist:6440baf05587761f742d5bfc66cd9224
#!/usr/bin/env bash
cd ./tests
for i in $(ls -d */);
cd ${i};
echo "------------------------------------------"
echo "Testing " ${i}
echo "------------------------------------------"
rsp /
Last active Nov 1, 2018
How to create a Pull Request on GitHub

How to create a Pull Request on GitHub

1. Fork the repository:

![Fork the repo][fork-repo]

2. Select user or organization to fork as:

(if you belong to one or more organizations with appropriate permissions)


I bundled these up into groups and wrote some thoughts about why I ask them!

If these helped you, I'd love to hear about it!! I'm on twitter @vcarl_ or send me an email

Onboarding and the workplace

  • How long will it take to deploy my first change? To become productive? To understand the codebase?
  • What kind of equipment will I be provided? Will the company pay/reimburse me if I want something specific?
rsp /
Last active Apr 8, 2019
Git Strict Flow and GitHub Project Guidelines - setup rules and git flow for commercial and open-source projects by @rsp

Git Strict Flow and GitHub Project Guidelines

Or how to turn this:

into this:

rendfall / angular-tabs.component.ts
Created Sep 28, 2017
Angular 2+ tabsComponent
View angular-tabs.component.ts
import { AfterContentInit, Component, Input, OnChanges, SimpleChanges } from '@angular/core';
interface TabInterface{
active: boolean;
name: string
selector: 'app-tab',
template: `<div class="tab" [hidden]="!active"><ng-content></ng-content></div>`,
myshov / function_invocation.js
Last active Jan 21, 2019
11 Ways to Invoke a Function
View function_invocation.js
(_ => console.log(2))();
eval('console.log(3);');, 4);
console.log.apply(null, [5]);
new Function('console.log(6)')();
Reflect.apply(console.log, null, [7])
Reflect.construct(function(){console.log(8)}, []);, null, [9]);, null, 10);
SitePointEditors / dom-helper.js
Created Mar 28, 2017 — forked from m3g4p0p/dom-helper.js
Mini jQuery, sort of.
View dom-helper.js
* A collection of helper prototype for everyday DOM traversal, manipulation,
* and event binding. Sort of a minimalist jQuery, mainly for demonstration
* purposes. MIT @ m3g4p0p
window.$ = (function (undefined) {
* Duration constants
* @type {Object}
eonil / gist:f6031d17401bd167f28391ccd0642dbe
Created Feb 16, 2017
How to replace string in files in Bash...
View gist:f6031d17401bd167f28391ccd0642dbe
find . -name *.json | xargs sed -i -e 's/\"AAA\"/\"BBB\"/g'
ljharb /
Last active May 5, 2019
Array iteration methods summarized

While attempting to explain JavaScript's reduce method on arrays, conceptually, I came up with the following - hopefully it's helpful; happy to tweak it if anyone has suggestions.


JavaScript Arrays have lots of built in methods on their prototype. Some of them mutate - ie, they change the underlying array in-place. Luckily, most of them do not - they instead return an entirely distinct array. Since arrays are conceptually a contiguous list of items, it helps code clarity and maintainability a lot to be able to operate on them in a "functional" way. (I'll also insist on referring to an array as a "list" - although in some languages, List is a native data type, in JS and this post, I'm referring to the concept. Everywhere I use the word "list" you can assume I'm talking about a JS Array) This means, to perform a single operation on the list as a whole ("atomically"), and to return a new list - thus making it much simpler to think about both the old list and the new one, what they contain, and

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