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Yoichi Hirai pirapira

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source ~/.virtualenvs/offerm-script/bin/activate
version="0.10.1" #"" #"0.4.0" #"0.3._"
View 0.10.1deployment.txt
export KOVAN=http://localhost:8545
export KOPRIV=/home/yoichi/import/parity/keys/kovan/UTC--2019-01-08T17-09-24Z--fcf0e5e3-7d74-7abc-773e-a2ccab085547
export MAX_UINT256=115792089237316195423570985008687907853269984665640564039457584007913129639935
python -m raiden_contracts.deploy raiden --rpc-provider $KOVAN --private-key $KOPRIV --gas-price 11 --gas-limit 6000000 --max-token-networks $MAX_UINT256
"TokenNetworkRegistry": "0x980e5c79780198FcCFE5c937452abF0a1716411f"
View gist:d838d902db9df127c8ea972ae08013fd
pragma solidity ^0.5.2;
/// @title Utils
/// @notice Utils contract for various helpers used by the Raiden Network smart
/// contracts.
contract Utils {
string constant public contract_version = "0.5.0";
/// @notice Check if a contract exists
/// @param contract_address The address to check whether a contract is
pirapira / raiden-debug_2018-12-19T10:15:06.632144.log
Last active Dec 19, 2018
View raiden-debug_2018-12-19T10:15:06.632144.log
{"raiden": "0.19.1.dev44+gaf0eaa6f", "python_implementation": "CPython", "python_version": "3.6.7", "system": "Linux 64bit_ELF 4.15.0-42-generic x86_64", "distribution": "bundled", "event": "Starting Raiden", "logger": "raiden.ui.runners", "level": "info", "timestamp": "2018-12-19 10:15:06.886954"}
pirapira / add.txt
Created May 25, 2018
evm code that adds two numbers from the storage and writes the result to storage
View add.txt
~/src/solidity/build((v0.4.21)) $ lllc/lllc < ../../cpp-ethereum/build-tsan/add-storage.lll
~/src/solidity/build((v0.4.21)) $ cat ../../cpp-ethereum/build-tsan/add-storage.lll
(sstore 2 (+ (sload 0) (sload 1)))
View gist:111de0b0d4f6c29c2d2b40c456d8dc75
$ make
eval $(opam config env) \
&& /home/yh/tmp/evm-semantics/.build/k/k-distribution/target/release/k/bin/kompile --debug --main-module ETHEREUM-SIMULATION \
--syntax-module ETHEREUM-SIMULATION .build/ocaml/driver.k --directory .build/ocaml \
--hook-namespaces KRYPTO --gen-ml-only -O3 --non-strict \
&& ocamlfind opt -c .build/ocaml/driver-kompiled/ -package gmp -package zarith \
&& ocamlfind opt -c -I .build/ocaml/driver-kompiled -package cryptokit -package secp256k1 -package bn128 \
&& ocamlfind opt -a -o semantics.cmxa KRYPTO.cmx \
&& ocamlfind remove ethereum-semantics-plugin \
View gist:1dd72a668905a2e109f82417524211e4
~/src/evm-semantics(exception-checker) $ ./kevm bugcheck tests/interactive/bug-checker/invalid-opcode.evm
== bug-checking: tests/interactive/bug-checker/invalid-opcode.evm
(error "line 12 column 35: Sorts Int and KItem are incompatible")
(error "line 12 column 35: Sorts Int and KItem are incompatible")
(error "line 13 column 35: Sorts Int and KItem are incompatible")
(error "line 13 column 35: Sorts Int and KItem are incompatible")
(error "line 13 column 35: Sorts Int and KItem are incompatible")
#accountExists ( V0 ) ==K true #And
Result ==K <generatedTop>
View 201503110226PYTHON_DUP6Filler.json
"201503110226PYTHON_DUP6" : {
"_info" : {
"comment" : "This test used to be a VM test and it once failed in python client some day. Since the test contains a BALANCE instruction (which must be mocked), it's moved to GeneralSateTest\
"env" : {
"currentCoinbase" : "2adc25665018aa1fe0e6bc666dac8fc2697ff9ba",
"currentDifficulty" : "115792089237316195423570985008687907853269984665640564039457584007913129639935",
"currentGasLimit" : "1000000",
View vault.bbo
// Based on
contract Vault(address hotwallet, address vaultKey, address recoveryKey) {
case(void unvault(uint256 amount)) {
if (sender(msg) != vaultKey) abort;
uint256 unvaultPeriod = 60 * 60 * 24 * 7 * 2; // two weeks
if (now(block) + unvaultPeriod < now(block)) abort;
return then become UnVaulting(now(block) + unvaultPeriod, amount, hotwallet, vaultKey, recoveryKey);
case(void recover(address _newHotWallet)) {
View refactored_vault.bbo
// This code does not compile yet.
// Should Bamboo support this kind of nesting contracts, which represent substates and a superstate?
contract Alive(address hotWallet, address vaultKey, address recoveryKey) {
case(void destroy()) {
if (sender(msg) != recoveryKey) abort;
return then become Destroyed();
case(void recover(address _newHotWallet)) {
if (sender(msg) != recoveryKey) abort;
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