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Simple RecyclerView Divider

Simple RecyclerView Divider

Simple Horizontal Divider Item Decoration for RecyclerView

    mRecyclerView.addItemDecoration(new SimpleDividerItemDecoration(

NOTE: Add item decoration prior to setting the adapter

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<shape xmlns:android=""
android:height="1dp" />
<solid android:color="@color/dark_gray" />
public class SimpleDividerItemDecoration extends RecyclerView.ItemDecoration {
private Drawable mDivider;
public SimpleDividerItemDecoration(Context context) {
mDivider = context.getResources().getDrawable(R.drawable.line_divider);
public void onDrawOver(Canvas c, RecyclerView parent, RecyclerView.State state) {
int left = parent.getPaddingLeft();
int right = parent.getWidth() - parent.getPaddingRight();
int childCount = parent.getChildCount();
for (int i = 0; i < childCount; i++) {
View child = parent.getChildAt(i);
RecyclerView.LayoutParams params = (RecyclerView.LayoutParams) child.getLayoutParams();
int top = child.getBottom() + params.bottomMargin;
int bottom = top + mDivider.getIntrinsicHeight();
mDivider.setBounds(left, top, right, bottom);
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fazlurr commented Feb 6, 2015

Works like a charm, Thanks!

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It works, thanks

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Is there any way to make this work with a grid layout?

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bohbra commented Mar 13, 2015

I notice the divider is being drawn on top of the scrollbar, anyway around this?

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Leaking commented Mar 17, 2015

the onDrawover() method will draw the divider on the top of the item view。as a result, it also draws on the top of the scrollbar

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PsyGik commented Apr 22, 2015

The proposed code above adds a divider to every item including the last item.

So one can even use

  android:background="@color/holo_gray_light" />

in the layout for the item to get the same effect.

As a workaround, in the adapter I check if the child is the last item and change the visibility of the divider accordingly.

    public void onBindViewHolder(ViewHolder viewHolder, final int position) {
       if(position==getItemCount()) //check if this is the last child, if yes then hide the divider

Any suggestions on this are welcome

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It works like a charm! I wanted to use only the onDraw method so I added this other override to add space for the drawable:

public void getItemOffsets(Rect outRect, View view, RecyclerView parent, RecyclerView.State state) {
    outRect.bottom = mDivider.getIntrinsicHeight();

I hope it helps someone. Thanks!

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A couple quick comments: because the views are recycled, you'll want to make it visible if it's not the last item. You'll also never trigger this because position will never equal getItemCount() (as long as you're returning something like List.size()). Otherwise looks like a solid alternative that'll work with ListViews too :)

Here's a quick update to your code:

int visible = (position == getItemCount()-1) ? View.GONE : View.VISIBLE;

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Thanks, works well.
Though getDrawable(int) is deprecated now. Use this instead:

ContextCompat.getDrawable(context, R.drawable.line_divider);

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Thank's so much... it's work ....

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bangiqi commented Oct 6, 2015

@jonasbleyl : where is ContextCompat declaration?

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ContextCompat is in the support library. ContextCompat.getDrawable(context, resourceID)

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yosisah commented Nov 10, 2015

Thanks, works great.

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Gnzlt commented Jan 4, 2016

Nice Work!
I've also included the default Android listDivider drawable inside the constructor if you don't want to implement a custom one:

public SimpleDividerItemDecoration(Context context) {
    final TypedArray a = context.obtainStyledAttributes(new int[]{android.R.attr.listDivider});
    mDivider = a.getDrawable(0);

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aantthony commented Apr 23, 2016

I used this:

ResourcesCompat.getDrawable(context.getResources(), R.drawable.line_divider, context.getTheme());

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I am not able to set divider to my RecyclerView can somebody help me for this?......

ResourcesCompat.getDrawable(context.getResources(), R.drawable.line_divider, context.getTheme());

where should i used this above code?please specify the location

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Tried many, but this works like magic.


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it works
thanks alot

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Works perfectly. Thank you

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I think custom drawable is not work

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axellebot commented Mar 7, 2017

Maybe use

public SimpleDividerItemDecoration(Context context) { mDivider = ContextCompat.getDrawable(context, R.drawable.line_divider); }

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Thanks a lot

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Thanks,It worked!!

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how can i made this?

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val linearLayoutManager = LinearLayoutManager(this)
val dividerItemDecoration = DividerItemDecoration(recyclerView.context, linearLayoutManager.orientation)

// Init recyclerView
recyclerView.layoutManager = linearLayoutManager

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Geet-Thakur01 commented May 9, 2018

Use "card view" for item layout and set "margin top" according to your requirement.

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jkhin commented Sep 4, 2018

It works beauty... Thanks!

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vsg24 commented Jan 9, 2019

If you don't want the last item to have a divider line after it, simply change for (int i = 0; i < childCount; i++) { to for (int i = 0; i < childCount - 1; i++) { and it will skip the last item divider.

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