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veekaybee /
Last active July 21, 2024 13:28
Normcore LLM Reads

Anti-hype LLM reading list

Goals: Add links that are reasonable and good explanations of how stuff works. No hype and no vendor content if possible. Practical first-hand accounts of models in prod eagerly sought.

Foundational Concepts

Screenshot 2023-12-18 at 10 40 27 PM

Pre-Transformer Models

kconner / macOS
Last active July 7, 2024 19:42
macOS Internals

macOS Internals

Understand your Mac and iPhone more deeply by tracing the evolution of Mac OS X from prelease to Swift. John Siracusa delivers the details.

Starting Points

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xmpf /
Last active September 30, 2023 00:31
Change ASCII to Unicode encoding => Filter Bypass
#!/usr/bin/env python3
import sys
import signal
from types import FrameType
from typing import Union
def sighandler(signum: int, frame: Union[FrameType, None]) -> signal.Handlers:
export DISPLAY=$(powershell.exe -Command '(Get-NetIPAddress -AddressFamily IPv4 | Where-Object {$_.AddressState -eq "Preferred" -and ($_.InterfaceAlias -eq "Wi-Fi" -or $_.InterfaceAlias -eq "Ethernet")}).IPAddress' | sed 's/.$//'):0.0
programmeruser2 / jwt.js
Last active May 31, 2022 09:15
Decode JWT
const decodeJwt = token => token.split('.').map((item,index) => index==2?item:JSON.parse(atob(item)));
const encodeJwt = segments =>,index)=>index==2?item:btoa(JSON.stringify(item))).join('.');
tunalad / [Sonic Pi] Darkthrone - Transilvanian Hunger.rb
Last active June 17, 2023 22:41
[Sonic Pi] Darkthrone - Transilvanian Hunger
# Darkthrone - Transilvanian Hunger
use_debug false
use_bpm 139
use_sample_defaults amp: 0.5
use_synth :blade
use_synth_defaults release: 0.5
sample :drum_cymbal_closed
programmeruser2 / ip.ps1
Last active July 5, 2021 13:52
Get the Wi-Fi or Ethernet IP Address
(Get-NetIPAddress -AddressFamily IPv4 | Where-Object {$_.AddressState -eq "Preferred" -and ($_.InterfaceAlias -eq "Wi-Fi" -or $_.InterfaceAlias -eq "Ethernet")}).IPAddress
tiran /
Last active May 21, 2024 08:46
Negative Python user experience on Debian/Ubuntu

Negative Python user experience on Debian/Ubuntu

The user experience of Python on a minimal Debian or Ubuntu installation is bad. Core features like virtual environments, pip bootstrapping, and the ssl module are either missing or do not work like designed and documented. Some Python core developers including me are worried and consider Debian/Ubuntu's packaging harmful for Python's reputation and branding. Users don't get what they expect.


The problems can be easily reproduced with official Debian and Ubuntu containers in Docker or Podman. Debian Stable (Debian 10 Buster) comes with Python 3.7.3. Ubuntu Focal (20.04 LTS) has Python 3.8.5.

Run Debian container

probonopd /
Last active July 25, 2024 02:13
Think twice about Wayland. It breaks everything!

Think twice before abandoning Xorg. Wayland breaks everything!

Hence, if you are interested in existing applications to "just work" without the need for adjustments, then you may be better off avoiding Wayland.

Wayland solves no issues I have but breaks almost everything I need. Even the most basic, most simple things (like xkill) - in this case with no obvious replacement. And usually it stays broken, because the Wayland folks mostly seem to care about Automotive, Gnome, maybe KDE - and alienating everyone else (e.g., people using just an X11 window manager or something like GNUstep) in the process.

The Wayland project seems to operate like they were starting a greenfield project, whereas at the same time they try to position Wayland as "the X11 successor", which would clearly require a lot of thought about not breaking, or at least providing a smooth upgrade path for, existing software.

In fact, it is merely an incompatible alternative, and not e