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HipChat + jabber.el
;; Connect using jabber-connect
;; My username from the HipChat configuration
;; from
(setq jabber-account-list '(("")))
;; To join HipChat rooms easily
(defvar hipchat-number "10804")
(defvar hipchat-nickname "Brian McKenna")
(defun hipchat-join (room)
(interactive "sRoom name: ")
(concat hipchat-number "_" room "")
;; Mention nicknames in a way that HipChat clients will pickup
(defun hipchat-mention (nickname)
(list (jabber-muc-read-nickname jabber-group "Nickname: ")))
(insert (concat "@\"" nickname "\" ")))

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bitops commented Apr 30, 2015

I had to do a bit more to get this working:

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