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Node.js get client IP address
// snippet taken from
function getClientIp(req) {
var ipAddress;
// The request may be forwarded from local web server.
var forwardedIpsStr = req.header('x-forwarded-for');
if (forwardedIpsStr) {
// 'x-forwarded-for' header may return multiple IP addresses in
// the format: "client IP, proxy 1 IP, proxy 2 IP" so take the
// the first one
var forwardedIps = forwardedIpsStr.split(',');
ipAddress = forwardedIps[0];
if (!ipAddress) {
// If request was not forwarded
ipAddress = req.connection.remoteAddress;
return ipAddress;

半年过去接口似乎变了, 我打印了 req 然后发现下面这样可以用. 总算还好

getClientIp = (req) ->
  x_ip = req.headers['x-forwarded-for']
  unless x_ip? then x_ip = req.connection.remoteAddress
Unknown commented
function getClientAddress(request){ 
        return (headers['x-forwarded-for'] || '').split(',')[0] 
            || connection.remoteAddress
var getClientAddress = function (req) {
    return (req.headers['x-forwarded-for'] || '').split(',')[0] 
        || req.connection.remoteAddress;

Will that work? If so that is really concise and quite nice. I didn't know you could get so creative with the ||'s!


i am using express 3.4.8 i have enable trusted proxy by app.enable('trust proxy') ,my req.headers does not contain X-Forward-For


The header can be x-forwarded-for or X-Forwarded-For, so:

var getClientIp = function(req) {
    return (req.headers["X-Forwarded-For"] ||
            req.headers["x-forwarded-for"] ||
            '').split(',')[0] ||
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