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mikowl / oneliners.js
Last active Oct 2, 2022
👑 Awesome one-liners you might find useful while coding.
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// Inspired by and
// Remove any duplicates from an array of primitives.
const unique = [ Set(arr)]
// Sleep in async functions. Use: await sleep(2000).
const sleep = (ms) => (new Promise(resolve => setTimeout(resolve, ms)));
// or
const sleep = util.promisify(setTimeout);
rhukster /
Last active Sep 25, 2022
Easy Brew PHP version switching
# Creator: Phil Cook
# Modified: Andy Miller
osx_major_version=$(sw_vers -productVersion | cut -d. -f1)
osx_minor_version=$(sw_vers -productVersion | cut -d. -f2)
osx_patch_version=$(sw_vers -productVersion | cut -d. -f3)
osx_version=$((${osx_major_version} * 10000 + ${osx_minor_version} * 100 + ${osx_patch_version}))
homebrew_path=$(brew --prefix)
brew_prefix=$(brew --prefix | sed 's#/#\\\/#g')
idleberg /
Last active Sep 27, 2022 — forked from vincentmac/
“Open in Sublime Text” in macOS context-menu

This list has been updated for Big Sur (and later). Since I don't use these versions, this guide might still need further improvements. For older macOS versions, please see this older revision.

Open in Sublime Text

  • Open Automator
  • Quick Action
  • Set “Service receives selected” to files or folders in any application
  • Add a Run Shell Script action
  • Set the script action to /Applications/Sublime\ -n "$@"
  • Set “Pass input” to as arguments
AlexEmashev / swipe-detect.js
Last active Mar 24, 2021
Simple snippet to detect swipe in jQuery without jQuery mobile. Works for touch as well as mouse input.
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// Demo
(function ($) {
$.fn.swipeDetector = function (options) {
// States: 0 - no swipe, 1 - swipe started, 2 - swipe released
var swipeState = 0;
// Coordinates when swipe started
var startX = 0;
var startY = 0;
// Distance of swipe
var pixelOffsetX = 0;
ayamflow / gist:b602ab436ac9f05660d9c15190f4fd7b
Created May 9, 2016
Safari border-radius + overflow: hidden + CSS transform fix
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// Add on element with overflow
-webkit-mask-image: -webkit-radial-gradient(white, black);
tonysneed / Mac OS X: Open in Visual Studio Code
Last active Sep 15, 2022
Add a command to Finder services in Mac OSX to open a folder in VS Code
View Mac OS X: Open in Visual Studio Code
- Open Automator
- File -> New -> Service
- Change "Service Receives" to "files or folders" in "Finder"
- Add a "Run Shell Script" action
- Change "Pass input" to "as arguments"
- Paste the following in the shell script box: open -n -b "" --args "$*"
- Save it as something like "Open in Visual Studio Code"