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bgulla /
Last active September 5, 2022 21:29
Notes related to the NVIDIA Jetson Nano dev kit

Jetson Nano Cheatsheet

image text

Below are my personal notes related to the Nvidia Jetson Nano Dev-board.

Performance Management

Nvidia allows your to fine tune the performance of your Jetson nano. More on this here.

Show the current settings

sudo /usr/bin/ --show
JasonAtNvidia / txdocker
Last active March 8, 2022 08:15
Short Bash script to enable use of the GPU within a docker container running on an NVIDIA Jetson TX2. Place inside /usr/local/bin/, chmod +x txdocker, ensure it is in your system PATH, and use just as you would the docker command.
#Jason T. 2-6-2018
# Check specifically for the run command
if [[ $# -ge 2 && $1 == "run" ]]; then
# Tell docker to share the following folders with the base system
# This allows the docker containers to find CUDA, cuDNN, TensorRT
LIB_MAPS="/usr/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu \
/usr/local/cuda \
rbonghi / line_count.c
Last active August 29, 2015 14:25
How to count a line
#define BIT_LEN 7
float line_value(int line) {
int i;
int value = 0, count = 0;
for(i=0; i < BIT_LEN; ++i) {
int mask = (1 << (i));
if((line & (mask)) == (mask)) {
value += i: