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(UB 19881)
(UB 19882)
(UFG 13985)
(UFG 13986)
rdmpage / primers.txt
Last active May 17, 2018
COI DNA barcode primer locations
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Reference COI is NC_003128 Buteo buteo COI
TZBRD035-15.COI-5P [648bp] ctgatctttggtgnatgagcaggcatagccggcacagcacttagcctactaatccgcgcagaactaggacagccaggaacactattgggagacgaccaaatctacaatgtaatcgtaacagcccacgctttcgtcataatcttcttcatagtcatacctattatgatcggaggcttcggaaactgactggttccactcataattggcgccccagacatagcattcccccgcataaataatatgagcttctgactcctcccaccttcttttctcctcctactagcctcctctacagtagaagccggggctggcactggatgaactgtttatccacccctagccggtaatcttgcccacgcgggcgcatcagtagacctggctattttttcccttcacttggcaggcgtgtcgtccatcttaggagctattaactttatcaccacaattattaacataaagccccctgcactatcacaatatcaaacacccctcttcgtatgatccgtcctcattactgctatcctcttactactatccctgccagtcctagccgccgggattacaatactcctcaccgatcgcaacctcaacactacattctttgaccctgcaggaggaggagacccaatcctgtatcaacacctattc
TZBRD019-15.COI-5P tcttcggcgcctgagctggtatagtcggcaccgccctcagcttactcatccgtgcagaactcggccaacccggcacactcctaggtgacgaccaaatttataacgtaatcgttaccgcacatgccttcgtaataatcttcttcatagttataccaatcatgatcggaggattcggaaactgacttgttccactcataattggcgctc
ilevantis / EvolDir-RSSifier.php
Created Feb 27, 2016
Turn EvolDir categories into RSS feeds
View EvolDir-RSSifier.php
header('Content-Type: application/rss+xml; charset=UTF-8');
$list_name = htmlspecialchars($_GET['lname']);
$list_url = ''.$list_name.'/';
$month_num = array (
"Jan" => 1,
"Feb" => 2,
nickynicolson / name-reconciliation-python.ipynb
Last active Feb 12, 2016
Name reconciliation in Python
View name-reconciliation-python.ipynb
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justinbellamy /
Last active Jun 27, 2019 — forked from jellybeansoup/
Install Autoconf and Automake on OS X El Capitan
# Install autoconf, automake and libtool smoothly on Mac OS X.
# Newer versions of these libraries are available and may work better on OS X
# This script is originally from
export build=~/devtools # or wherever you'd like to build
edsu / gist:c95c9ae9f60ecdf80077
Last active Jan 21, 2016
Look up WikiData ID based using a Freebase ID. Possibly useful if you have lots of Freebase ids and want to turn them into WikiData ids when Freebase goes the way of the Dodo in June.
View gist:c95c9ae9f60ecdf80077
% curl --silent '\[646:/m/04hcw\]' | python -mjson.tool
"items": [
"status": {
"error": "OK",
"items": 1,
"parsed_query": "STRING[646:'/m/04hcw']",
"querytime": "113ms"
ophileon / gist:40364ac2a52f57aa520a
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Network versioning using transition nodes
View gist:40364ac2a52f57aa520a
= Network versioning using relationnodes
Recently there was a nice blog on versioning networks by Ian Robinson ([read it here]) on using identity nodes and separating structure from state. In this gist I'd like to put in my 2 cents by introducing another approach using _relationnodes_. This is more about structure of a network than about states of nodes, but it treats versioning differently. As Ian states in his blog, there's always a trade-off to be made, since versioning causes an extra load on storage and processing.
== Relationnodes?
=== What are relationnodes?
Relation nodes are intermediary nodes between two network nodes that represents the relation between the nodes.
So, if A and B are two network nodes, instead of connecting them with a relationship of `[:RELTYPE]`,
umidjons /
Last active Jul 9, 2019
JavaScript: sort object properties by value (numeric or string)

Sort object properties by value (values are text)

I have following object:

var cities={10:'Tashkent', 14:'Karakalpakiya', 16:'Andijan'};

I want sort it by city names, so after sort it should be:

var cities={16:'Andijan', 14:'Karakalpakiya', 10:'Tashkent'};

But I can't sort object properties, instead can convert object into array, then sort items.

chrislkeller / import_json_appsscript.js
Last active Aug 30, 2019
Adds what amounts to an =ImportJSON() function to a Google spreadsheet... To use go to Tools --> Script Editor and add the script and save.
View import_json_appsscript.js
* Retrieves all the rows in the active spreadsheet that contain data and logs the
* values for each row.
* For more information on using the Spreadsheet API, see
function readRows() {
var sheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSheet();
var rows = sheet.getDataRange();
var numRows = rows.getNumRows();
Title: eLife Lens - A novel way of seeing content



Working with digital documents used to be hard because for the most part, they come in presentation-centric formats, optimized for print and having the same display across multiple devices. Ultimately, the display of these documents had been preserved to ultimately allow the user to print the exact same document across any device. Content today, however, is no longer being printed out readily; instead, it is read on a variety of platforms spanning computers and mobile devices. The limitations presented by different screen sizes, the lack of tactile feedback that comes from flipping between pages and inability to purely focus on the author’s arguments are problems present in all disciplines.

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