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rlopzc / simple_s3_upload.ex
Created November 8, 2023 15:59 — forked from plicjo/simple_s3_upload.ex
LiveView Uploads to S3
defmodule SimpleS3Upload do
@moduledoc """
Dependency-free S3 Form Upload using HTTP POST sigv4
@doc """
Signs a form upload.
The configuration is a map which must contain the following keys:
* `:region` - The AWS region, such as "us-east-1"
rlopzc / release.ex
Created February 25, 2023 14:16
Log SQL commands in migration
defmodule MyApp.Release do
# Log SQL commands generated by migrations.
# More info here
@migrator_default_opts [log_migrations_sql: :info]
def migrate(opts \\ [all: true]) do
opts = @migrator_default_opts ++ opts
rlopzc /
Created March 11, 2021 00:01 — forked from varqox/
How to record multiple applications and microphone into one audio file on Linux using PulseAudio

How to record multiple applications and microphone into one audio file on Linux

Step 0. Terminology

Sinks are for output, sources are for input. To stream source to sink a loopback must be created. More shall you find there.

Step 1. Create output sink that will be recorded

Our output sink will be named recording.

pacmd load-module module-null-sink sink_name=recording sink_properties=device.description=recording
rlopzc /
Created February 26, 2021 22:22 — forked from wbednarski/
rename a phoenix 1.3 project
set -e
rlopzc / neomuttrc
Created June 22, 2019 19:37 — forked from VladimirPal/neomuttrc
Minimal neomutt config for gmail imap
set imap_user=""
set imap_pass=`/usr/bin/security find-generic-password -w -a '' -s 'Gmail'`
set folder=imaps://
set spoolfile=+INBOX
set record="+[Gmail]/Sent Mail"
set postponed="+[Gmail]/Drafts"
# search sleep_time for additional info
set sleep_time=0 # be faster

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