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Managing Disks On Windows By Line Command

Managing Disks

Using the DISKPART

Open the terminal as administrator, and run:

$ diskpart

Listinig All Disks

On Windows

SHA256 Algorithm

Run the command below

$ certutil -hashfile <filepath> SHA256

See more here.

Syncronizing README Files Through the StackEdit

Consider that the "main menu" is at top right corner of the page.

In the first step, log in with a Google account to synchronize all data.

rplaurindo / 1. Running a
Last active June 22, 2021 17:08
Google Apps Script

Openning the Script Editor

With a Google Docs opened, choose

Tools -> Script Editor.

For use the script it must be encapsulated in a isolated (out of a class) function.


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Last active November 20, 2021 16:51
angular libraries

Angular Libraries


$ ng g library <library-name>

Configuration files to make build with Organization name

The library path can contain @<organization-name>/ to indicate that package are encapsulated to an organization, because the package belongs to it. The files below must be adapted its keys that reference paths. They must contain the @<organization-name>/.

Setting up an environment variable

General procedures

  • On tab Advanced click on Environment Variables;
  • Select the environment variable in the "User variables" or "System variables" and click on Edit;

On Windows

  • Click with right button of mouse over My Computer in folder navigator;

UEFI System Boot

Partitions schema

Type    Mount Point   Format  Device               Flags
fat32   /boot/efi             (SSD 200 Mib)        boot, esp
ext4    /             x       (SSD >= 20480 Mib)
ext4    /home                 (HDD)
swap                          (HDD 4096 Mib)



On Ubuntu

  • curl

Specific version via APT (global)

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Last active May 17, 2023 00:03
Front-end application

See how to install a specific version of the nodeJS.



$ npm i -g @angular/cli


rplaurindo / 1. PHP interpreter (on Windows).md
Last active April 6, 2023 18:42
Installing PHP interpreter


Download the interpreter source code here.

After download the interpreter source code (preferable), set in the environment variables of the Windows.

Setting up the PHP interpreter in the environment variables

At Path key set the php interpreter path.