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Last active Jan 15, 2023
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Visual Studio Code fish shell shortcut

Put this in your


code path/to/project

function code
set location "$PWD/$argv"
open -n -b "" --args $location
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Thanks for this! Was struggling with figuring out how to pass the correct args. :)

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Added this to my ~/.config/fish/ file and works like a charm. Thanks!

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dideler commented Nov 4, 2017

What problem is this solving? On Linux, code will automatically be in your PATH when you install VS Code, and on a Mac you can Install 'code' command in PATH via the command palette.

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Anenth commented Nov 11, 2017

this wont support flags like --disable-extensions! any solution?

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nurikk commented Aug 24, 2018

better to use official launcher, it resolves relative urls
code /etc/hosts code ../hosts

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madsem commented Jul 8, 2019

if you already have an alias named 'code', like I do, I think this is a great alternative. I don't find any option to use the official launcher under a different alias

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duganchen commented Feb 13, 2020

This would be closer to the way it works in BASH and ZSH:

function code --wraps='/Applications/Visual Studio Code' --description 'alias code /Applications/Visual Studio Code'
  /Applications/Visual\ Studio\ Code\ $argv;

I used FISH's "alias" command to generate the function, and then I edited the function to add the escape characters for the spaces in the path.

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