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<div id="app">
Pending: {{ $store.state.getInfoPending }}
{{ $store.state.getInfoData }}
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namespace App\Services;
use App\Post;
class Slug
* @param $title
albulescu / download.go
Created Mar 25, 2016
golang download file with progress
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package main
* @website
* @author Cosmin Albulescu <>
import (
gunjanpatel /
Last active Aug 17, 2022
amazon ec2 LAMP and FTP installation and setup
esperlu /
Created Apr 27, 2011
MySQL to Sqlite converter
# Converts a mysqldump file into a Sqlite 3 compatible file. It also extracts the MySQL `KEY xxxxx` from the
# CREATE block and create them in separate commands _after_ all the INSERTs.
# Awk is choosen because it's fast and portable. You can use gawk, original awk or even the lightning fast mawk.
# The mysqldump file is traversed only once.
# Usage: $ ./mysql2sqlite mysqldump-opts db-name | sqlite3 database.sqlite
# Example: $ ./mysql2sqlite --no-data -u root -pMySecretPassWord myDbase | sqlite3 database.sqlite