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Last active Oct 20, 2020
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Stock Widget for iOS using Scriptable
// Variables used by Scriptable.
// These must be at the very top of the file. Do not edit.
// icon-color: deep-blue; icon-glyph: book; share-sheet-inputs: plain-text;
// Stock Ticker Widget
let stocksInfo = await getStockData()
let widget = await createWidget()
if (config.runsInWidget) {
// The script runs inside a widget, so we pass our instance of ListWidget to be shown inside the widget on the Home Screen.
} else {
// The script runs inside the app, so we preview the widget.
// Calling Script.complete() signals to Scriptable that the script have finished running.
// This can speed up the execution, in particular when running the script from Shortcuts or using Siri.
async function createWidget(api) {
let upticker = SFSymbol.named("chevron.up");
let downticker = SFSymbol.named("chevron.down");
let widget = new ListWidget()
// Add background gradient
let gradient = new LinearGradient()
gradient.locations = [0, 1]
gradient.colors = [
new Color("141414"),
new Color("13233F")
widget.backgroundGradient = gradient
for(j=0; j<stocksInfo.length; j++)
let currentStock = stocksInfo[j];
let row1 = widget.addStack();
// Add Stock Symbol
let stockSymbol = row1.addText(currentStock.symbol);
stockSymbol.textColor = Color.white();
stockSymbol.font = Font.boldMonospacedSystemFont(12);
//Add Current Price
let symbolPrice = row1.addText(currentStock.price);
symbolPrice.textColor = Color.white();
symbolPrice.font = Font.boldMonospacedSystemFont(12);
//Second Row
let row2= widget.addStack();
// Add Company name
let companyName= row2.addText(;
companyName.textColor = Color.white();
companyName.textOpacity = 0.7;
companyName.font = Font.boldMonospacedSystemFont(9);
//Add Today's change in price
let changeValue = row2.addText(currentStock.changevalue);
if(currentStock.changevalue < 0) {
changeValue.textColor =;
} else {
changeValue.textColor =;
changeValue.font = Font.boldMonospacedSystemFont(9);
// Add Ticker icon
let ticker = null;
if(currentStock.changevalue < 0){
ticker = row2.addImage(downticker.image);
ticker.tintColor =;
} else {
ticker = row2.addImage(upticker.image);
ticker.tintColor =;
ticker.imageSize = new Size(8,8);
return widget
async function getStockData() {
let stocks = null;
// Read from WidgetParameter if present or use hardcoded values
// Provide values in Widget Parameter as comma seperated list
if(args.widgetParameter == null) {
stocks = ["PRGS", "AAPL", "INR=X", "XRP-USD"];
} else {
stocks = args.widgetParameter.split(",");
let stocksdata = [];
for(i=0; i< stocks.length; i++)
let stkdata = await queryStockData(stocks[i].trim());
let price = stkdata.quoteSummary.result[0].price;
let priceKeys = Object.keys(price);
let data = {};
data.symbol = price.symbol;
data.changepercent = (price.regularMarketChangePercent.raw * 100).toFixed(2);
data.changevalue = price.regularMarketChange.raw.toFixed(2);
data.price = price.regularMarketPrice.raw.toFixed(2);
data.high = price.regularMarketDayHigh.raw.toFixed(2);
data.low = price.regularMarketDayLow.raw.toFixed(2);
data.prevclose = price.regularMarketPreviousClose.raw.toFixed(2); = price.shortName;
return stocksdata;
async function queryStockData(symbol) {
let url = "" + symbol + "?modules=price"
let req = new Request(url)
return await req.loadJSON()

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@saiteja09 saiteja09 commented Oct 17, 2020

a. Download the script to your scriptable app and add Scriptable Widget to home screen,
b. Edit Widget by activating the Jiggle mode
c. Choose the script, set it to run script.
d. Parameters: provide stock symbols you need to have on widget, separated by commas

Look of the widget -


Settings -


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@giuliomagnifico giuliomagnifico commented Oct 19, 2020

Hi, I found a bug, with the composite indexes the widget shows a ^/green value also if the index is negative.

For example add NDAQ (nasdaq) and now is -0.36% but the widget shows only the value without the symbol +/- and it’s in green like a positive value but should be red.

Probably is due how to indexes work that use point as a value instead of money. I haven’t checked the json query to yahoo and if this is fixable.

Anyway for normal stocks and cryptos works perfectly! Thanks

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