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Stock Widget for iOS using Scriptable
// Variables used by Scriptable.
// These must be at the very top of the file. Do not edit.
// icon-color: deep-blue; icon-glyph: book; share-sheet-inputs: plain-text;
// Stock Ticker Widget
let stocksInfo = await getStockData()
let widget = await createWidget()
if (config.runsInWidget) {
// The script runs inside a widget, so we pass our instance of ListWidget to be shown inside the widget on the Home Screen.
} else {
// The script runs inside the app, so we preview the widget.
// Calling Script.complete() signals to Scriptable that the script have finished running.
// This can speed up the execution, in particular when running the script from Shortcuts or using Siri.
async function createWidget(api) {
let upticker = SFSymbol.named("chevron.up");
let downticker = SFSymbol.named("chevron.down");
let widget = new ListWidget()
// Add background gradient
let gradient = new LinearGradient()
gradient.locations = [0, 1]
gradient.colors = [
new Color("141414"),
new Color("13233F")
widget.backgroundGradient = gradient
for(j=0; j<stocksInfo.length; j++)
let currentStock = stocksInfo[j];
let row1 = widget.addStack();
// Add Stock Symbol
let stockSymbol = row1.addText(currentStock.symbol);
stockSymbol.textColor = Color.white();
stockSymbol.font = Font.boldMonospacedSystemFont(12);
//Add Current Price
let symbolPrice = row1.addText(currentStock.price);
symbolPrice.textColor = Color.white();
symbolPrice.font = Font.boldMonospacedSystemFont(12);
//Second Row
let row2= widget.addStack();
// Add Company name
let companyName= row2.addText(;
companyName.textColor = Color.white();
companyName.textOpacity = 0.7;
companyName.font = Font.boldMonospacedSystemFont(9);
//Add Today's change in price
let changeValue = row2.addText(currentStock.changevalue);
if(currentStock.changevalue < 0) {
changeValue.textColor =;
} else {
changeValue.textColor =;
changeValue.font = Font.boldMonospacedSystemFont(9);
// Add Ticker icon
let ticker = null;
if(currentStock.changevalue < 0){
ticker = row2.addImage(downticker.image);
ticker.tintColor =;
} else {
ticker = row2.addImage(upticker.image);
ticker.tintColor =;
ticker.imageSize = new Size(8,8);
return widget
async function getStockData() {
let stocks = null;
// Read from WidgetParameter if present or use hardcoded values
// Provide values in Widget Parameter as comma seperated list
if(args.widgetParameter == null) {
stocks = ["PRGS", "AAPL", "INR=X", "XRP-USD"];
} else {
stocks = args.widgetParameter.split(",");
let stocksdata = [];
for(i=0; i< stocks.length; i++)
let stkdata = await queryStockData(stocks[i].trim());
let price = stkdata.quoteSummary.result[0].price;
let priceKeys = Object.keys(price);
let data = {};
data.symbol = price.symbol;
data.changepercent = (price.regularMarketChangePercent.raw * 100).toFixed(2);
data.changevalue = price.regularMarketChange.raw.toFixed(2);
data.price = price.regularMarketPrice.raw.toFixed(2);
data.high = price.regularMarketDayHigh.raw.toFixed(2);
data.low = price.regularMarketDayLow.raw.toFixed(2);
data.prevclose = price.regularMarketPreviousClose.raw.toFixed(2); = price.shortName;
return stocksdata;
async function queryStockData(symbol) {
let url = "" + encodeURIComponent(symbol) + "?modules=price"
let req = new Request(url)
return await req.loadJSON()
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I love this, Are you able do a crypto version?

Edit: Also how to I show Australian stocks, ie A200

This supports crypto as well, all you need to do is add the symbol.

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Thanks, love this widget!

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naasi1 commented Aug 10, 2021

Really great widget, love it! Would it be possible to change the currency from Dollar to Euro?

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How Can i Use This with IE Explorer on Windows ? Thanks

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Stock Widget for iOS using Scriptable
How Can i Use this with IE Explorer in HTML on Windows?

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