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Eric Greenfield saltnpixels

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nicdford / filters
Last active Feb 24, 2016
filters setup
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$things_to_do = pods( 'things_to_do' );
$limit = 9;
$params = array(
'fields' => array(
luizventurote / google-maps-converting.php
Created Apr 13, 2014
Converting address to latitude and longitude - Google Maps - PHP.
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* Converting address to latitude and longitude
function setLatitudeAndLongitude($address) {
$address = urlencode($address);
$request_url = "".$address."&sensor=true";
$xml = simplexml_load_file($request_url) or die("url not loading");
$status = $xml->status;
letanure / article.html
Created Apr 8, 2014
Social Media Tag Template
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<!-- Place this data between the <head> tags of your website -->
<title>Page Title. Maximum length 60-70 characters</title>
<meta name="description" content="Page description. No longer than 155 characters." />
<!-- Twitter Card data -->
<meta name="twitter:card" value="summary">
<!-- Open Graph data -->
<meta property="og:title" content="Title Here" />
<meta property="og:type" content="article" />
sc0ttkclark / pods-examples.php
Created Mar 3, 2015
Example from PodsCast 1
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// User Example
$user = pods( 'user' ); // User
$params = array(
'orderby' => 't.user_login',
'limit' => 10,
saltnpixels / wp_menu_auto_post_type.php
Created Jul 25, 2018
WP hierarichal menu of any post type. posts are auto added, like pages can be
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//hijack menu and output a whole post type in hierarchical order.
//post type must have hierarchical order capability and menu name must match post type
//add post types for this inside $post_types below
add_filter( 'wp_get_nav_menu_items', 'cpt_auto_add_menu', 10, 3 );
function cpt_auto_add_menu( $items, $menu, $args ) {
$post_types = array( 'add_post_types', 'that_you_want' );
$menu_slug = $menu->slug;
silenzium / objectfit-fallback.js
Last active Nov 4, 2019
This is a simple fallback for the object-fit property on responsive images inside picture elements (with srcset and media-query sources). It hides the img on browsers that don't support object-fit and sets the current used image as a background-image with background-size:cover.
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$(function() {
'use strict';
// the css selector for the container that the image should be attached to as a background-image
var imgContainer = '.cover-img picture';
function getCurrentSrc(element, cb)
var getSrc;
if (!window.HTMLPictureElement) {
mannieschumpert / gist:8334811
Last active Jul 13, 2020
Filter the submit button in Gravity Forms to change the <input type="submit> element to a <button> element. There's an example in the Gravity Forms documentation, but it lacks the proper code to show your custom button text, AND removes important attributes like the onclick that prevents multiple clicks. I was trying to solve that.
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// filter the Gravity Forms button type
add_filter("gform_submit_button", "form_submit_button", 10, 2);
function form_submit_button($button, $form){
// The following line is from the Gravity Forms documentation - it doesn't include your custom button text
// return "<button class='button' id='gform_submit_button_{$form["id"]}'>'Submit'</button>";
// This includes your custom button text:
return "<button class='button' id='gform_submit_button_{$form["id"]}'>{$form['button']['text']}</button>";
// Oops this strips important stuff
bob-lee / polyfill-ie11-nodelist-foreach.js
Created Nov 24, 2017
Polyfill for IE11 missing NodeList.forEach
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if ('NodeList' in window && !NodeList.prototype.forEach) {'polyfill for IE11');
NodeList.prototype.forEach = function (callback, thisArg) {
thisArg = thisArg || window;
for (var i = 0; i < this.length; i++) {, this[i], i, this);
hissy / gist:7352933
Created Nov 7, 2013
[WordPress] Add file to media library programmatically
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$file = '/path/to/file.png';
$filename = basename($file);
$upload_file = wp_upload_bits($filename, null, file_get_contents($file));
if (!$upload_file['error']) {
$wp_filetype = wp_check_filetype($filename, null );
$attachment = array(
'post_mime_type' => $wp_filetype['type'],
'post_parent' => $parent_post_id,
jakebellacera / ICS.php
Last active Jan 12, 2022
A convenient script to generate iCalendar (.ics) files on the fly in PHP.
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* This is free and unencumbered software released into the public domain.
* Anyone is free to copy, modify, publish, use, compile, sell, or
* distribute this software, either in source code form or as a compiled
* binary, for any purpose, commercial or non-commercial, and by any
* means.