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Sarah Duve sarahduve

  • New York
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View application.html.haml
%title BedPost
- if @old_styles
= stylesheet_link_tag "application"
- else
= stylesheet_link_tag "v2/application"
View show.html.haml
= render partial: @partial,
locals: { shipment: @shipment,
shipment_presenter: @shipment_presenter,
redirect_path: @redirect_path,
tracking_statuses_by_type: @shipment_presenter.tracking_statuses_by_type }
View shipments_controller.rb
def show
authorize! :show, @shipment
@redirect_path = shipment_path(@shipment)
@shipment_presenter =
respond_to do |format|
View flow.rb
def step1(x)
if x==1
puts "it was all a dream"
return 2
def step2(x)
if x==2
puts "i used to read"
View Alien Sandwiches
1.In front of you you will see five objects. They are as follows:
a. a flat, circular object. This is the “plate.”
b. a hard cylindrical object with a light brown inner substance. This is a “jar”.
c. another hard cylindrical object with a red (possibly purple-y!) inner substance. This is another “jar.”
d. a squishy, oblong object. This is the “bread.”
e. a flat, thin, relatively pointy (and possibly shiny) object. This is the “knife.”
2. The bread may be covered with a thin, transparent substance. If this is the case, you must undo this wrapping to access the bread. If not, proceed to step 3.
3. The bread should be divided into individual portions called “slices.” Remove two slices and place them adjacent to each other, flat on the plate.
4. Open one jar by applying a counterclockwise twisting motion to the very top.
5. You may need to remove a seal to access the jar’s inner substance. If present, remove, otherwise proceed to step 6.
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