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Last active July 14, 2023 07:54
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OnChange - Watch current directory and execute a command if anything in it changes
# Watch current directory (recursively) for file changes, and execute
# a command when a file or directory is created, modified or deleted.
# Written by: Senko Rasic <>
# Requires Linux, bash and inotifywait (from inotify-tools package).
# To avoid executing the command multiple times when a sequence of
# events happen, the script waits one second after the change - if
# more changes happen, the timeout is extended by a second again.
# Installation:
# chmod a+rx
# sudo cp /usr/local/bin
# Example use - rsync local changes to the remote server:
# rsync -avt . host:/remote/dir
# Released to Public Domain. Use it as you like.
if [ -z "$1" ]; then
echo "Usage: $0 cmd ..."
exit -1;
inotifywait -e "$EVENTS" -m -r --format '%:e %f' . | (
while true; do
read -t 1 LINE;
if test -z "$LINE"; then
if test ! -z "$WAITING"; then
echo "CHANGE";
done) | (
while true; do
read TMP;
echo $@
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Because not everyone runs Mac?

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Why can't I kill it with ctrl + c?

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Nice script! Thanks 👍
I'm using rsync to synchronize my local dir to a remote server's dir, which is working great, but I have to enter my password on every sync. Any ideas on how I could sync fully automatically (without having to enter the password)?
Unfortunately I can't setup an ssh key and use it to authenticate, since the remote is shared and crappy..

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mr-moon commented Nov 4, 2017

Cool idea, but how would you pass extra arguments with quotes? say i want rsync -a --exclude='folder with space' host:/path?

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Thanks for the script! I'm having trouble figuring out where the 1 second is defined, as I'd like to extend it.

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parke commented Sep 28, 2018

@tdmalone, read -t 1 LINE tries to read one line, but with a one second timeout. read is a bash builtin, and is documented on the bash man page.

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Thanks! I modified this script, now it can use entered path, not current directory only =)
Changes there :

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