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It appears that rasengan (Andrew Lee) of Private Internet Access believes that ownership of the company Freenode Ltd. gives him the right to unilaterally replace the current staff team.

We may have had our disagreements with staff, but freenode being run by a volunteer team, using servers provided by sponsors, is a key reason that we appreciate freenode.

As such, we do not believe that such a unilateral replacement by a corporate interest is appropriate.

If this attemped takeover by Andrew Lee continues, we will be advocating to move our communities elsewhere.

Context: Fuchs' leaked (not by him) draft resignation letter that caused Andrew Lee to come onto #freenode:

I was contacted with the following very polite request:
Hi Matt,
Apologies for the direct contact - I'm writing a story for The Register concerning the recent investigation by the Perl CAT, the outcome and the update made over the weekend.
Do you have any comment to make on it all?
Best regards,
Richard Speed
use strict;
use warnings;
use Test::More;
use Test::Warn;
use Test::Exception;
use SQL::Abstract::Test import => [qw(is_same_sql_bind diag_where dumper) ];
use SQL::Abstract;
use SQL::Abstract::ExtraClauses;
// intentionally incomplete dummy escape function because meh
function escapeXML (str) {
return str.toString().replace(/"/g, '"')
function qxml ([ firstString, ...remainingStrings ], ...interpolations) {
(v, idx) => [ v, interpolations[idx] ]