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Last active September 14, 2023 04:54
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List of AWS Service Principals
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OpenSearch Sevice: -

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AppRunner service builder: -

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rrrix commented Sep 23, 2022

I have tried to find examples of aws:PrincipalServiceName in use but there are none. The IAM user guide has no results for this condition key. Do you have any examples I can refer to please?

@shortjared I recommend to use as the ground truth. The folder name is the service name. It is how AWS manage their SDK.

To @MacHu-GWU and anyone else who doubts the purpose and value of this gist: Unfortunately, there is actually no publicly available "ground truth" as you say for most aspects of AWS IAM data codified in a machine-readable format - including AWS Service Principals. This thread in the AWS CDK project has an excellent discussion on the topic, albeit relating to AWS Service Names and IAM Action prefixes - but the point is the same.

Interestingly, AWS IAM API Actions (e.g. svc:Action) are one of the few things that has a publicly available machine-readable format.

A couple of examples of why this list is so, so valuable, and cannot (currently) be programmatically generated:

  • The boto service-2.json definition for sso-oidc declares the values endpointPrefix: oidc, signingName: awsssooidc, serviceId: SSO OIDC and /sso-oidc/ in the file path, but the Service Principal is
  • The boto service-2.json definition for sso declares the values endpointPrefix: portal.sso, signingName: awsssoportal, serviceId: SSO and /sso/ in the file path, but again the Service Principal is...
  • The boto service-2.json definnition for sso-admin declares the values endpointPrefix: sso, signingName: sso, serviceId: SSO Admin and /sso-admin/ in the file path, but the Service Principal is WHAT THE HELL AMAZON!? 😡
  • SES has endpointPrefix: email, serviceId: SES and signingName: ses, has IAM Actions prefixed with email: and the Service Principal is

I have even more examples, but I think you get the idea. Clearly there is no consistency with regard to machine-readable resources - we cannot depend on file names, or SDK service definition file content.

We can however generally depend on AWS Documentation, but that isn't usually easily machine-readable.

I've personally spoken to many AWS Service Engineers - (who work or worked for Amazon!) - who couldn't explain why IAM is the way IAM is. It's just the way it is. My hypothesis, after years of unofficial research on the subject and despite the clear need and desire from their customers, is that there was never an "official" internal requirement for a standardized, unified and consistent convention for identifiers, tokens, service endpoint prefixes, API grammar, or other terminology for API definitions, authorization policies, or in this case, Service Principals. Perhaps someday, an IAM product/service owner in AWS will see this gist and realize their mistake and finally publish a definitive resource for us (hint, hint) 😉.

Thank you to everyone who contributes to this gist. You're helping build great things one Service Principal at a time 👏

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Olekidh commented Dec 12, 2022

When I was importing resources from AWS in terraform, I observed some additional service principals:

Copy link is missing. It's a new service which recently added

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Audit Manager service principal, which is .

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f0xtek commented Jan 13, 2023 has recently been added for the fairly new Network Manager Reachability Analyzer. Now supports delegated administrator functionality for cross-account analyses.

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EvaBaaza commented Mar 6, 2023 is missing. It's a new service which recently added

Thanks for this

Copy link is wrong.

You can either have,



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dls314 commented Mar 30, 2023


Small typo introduced here -- should be instead

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nwber commented Apr 20, 2023 should be

Source: I was furiously searching for this and found it deep in

Copy link should be

Does anyone know when should we reference the global endpoint and when the regional endpoint ?

I have found referencing one or the other in some IAM polices.

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dls314 commented Apr 21, 2023

This list seems to be / have become a mix of AWS Service Principals and service endpoints. Is there a clear way to separate the two?

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wfjt commented Jul 7, 2023 tables' service-linked role column's ``Yes` link will lead to pages documenting service principals. The docs don't follow a convention when marking up principals so parsing would need be regex based and walk through many pages. service authorization reference lists the service prefix for all services in a parsable form. I've extracted service names before from these pages.

The service principals are doable, just need to follow links and grep for principal looking strings. Still room for error and I for one can't be bothered, but perhaps someone else has the time to script it and run on CI for an up-to-date list.

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CCH-sec commented Jul 18, 2023

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