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Last active Dec 30, 2021
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Hide fetch/XHR in Cypress command log

This novel workaround simply hides any command log entries that originate from fetch/XHR requests.

Add the following to cypress/support/index.js:

// Hide fetch/XHR requests
const app =;

if (!app.document.head.querySelector('[data-hide-command-log-request]')) {
  const style = app.document.createElement('style');
  style.innerHTML =
    '.command-name-request, .command-name-xhr { display: none }';
  style.setAttribute('data-hide-command-log-request', '');

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simenbrekken commented Oct 15, 2021

If you'd like to make this configurable, just add a new option to cypress.json named hideXHR or something, and verify it is true before running the above snippet:

if (Cypress.config('hideXHR')) {
  // Add the above snippet here...

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asnaith commented Oct 15, 2021

@simenbrekken Thanks for sharing, this is definitely an interesting interim solution until there's official support.

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samselikoff commented Oct 19, 2021

Thanks Simen!

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roneyuan commented Dec 28, 2021

Thanks for sharing this! Curious about why do we need if (!app.document.head.querySelector('[data-hide-command-log-request]')) and style.setAttribute('data-hide-command-log-request', '');? Thanks!

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simenbrekken commented Dec 30, 2021

@roneyuan Otherwise the snippet would be injected for every test

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