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Transparent Git Encryption

This document has been modified from its [original format][m1], which was written by Ning Shang ( It has been updated and reformatted into a [Markdown][m2] document by [Woody Gilk][m3] and [republished][m4].


When working with a remote git repository which is hosted on a third-party storage server, data confidentiality sometimes becomes

slmingol / haproxy.cfg
Last active August 29, 2015 14:22 — forked from krams915/haproxy.cfg
log local0
log local1 notice
#Adds a global syslog server. Up to two global servers can be defined. They
#will receive logs for startups and exits, as well as all logs from proxies
#configured with "log global". An optional level can be specified to filter
#outgoing messages. By default, all messages are sent.
#An IPv4 address optionally followed by a colon and a UDP port. If
#no port is specified, 514 is used by default (the standard syslog port).
slmingol / haproxy.cfg
Last active August 29, 2015 14:22 — forked from GABeech/haproxy.cfg
# This is an example of the Stack Exchange Tier 1 HAProxy config
# The only things that have been changed from what we are running are:
# 1. User names have been removed
# 2. All Passwords have been remove
# 3. IPs have been changed to use the example/documentation ranges
# 4. Rate limit numbers have been changed to randome numbers, don't read into them
userlist stats-auth
group admin users $admin_user
user $admin_user insecure-password $some_password
slmingol /
Created September 23, 2015 01:02 — forked from mwhite/
The Ultimate Git Alias Setup

The Ultimate Git Alias Setup

If you use git on the command-line, you'll eventually find yourself wanting aliases for your most commonly-used commands. It's incredibly useful to be able to explore your repos with only a few keystrokes that eventually get hardcoded into muscle memory.

Some people don't add aliases because they don't want to have to adjust to not having them on a remote server. Personally, I find that having aliases doesn't mean I that forget the underlying commands, and aliases provide such a massive improvement to my workflow that it would be crazy not to have them.

The simplest way to add an alias for a specific git command is to use a standard bash alias.

# .bashrc
slmingol /
Created July 12, 2011 06:15 — forked from RafeKettler/
Stack overflow CDN request test in Python
#!/usr/bin/env python
CDN tester for SO. Designed to make lives easier.
python # for default number of tries, 20
python 100 # for a specific number of tries
Rafe Kettler, public domain.
slmingol / .vimrc
Created March 1, 2012 02:12 — forked from napcs/.vimrc
Set up Vim on Mac or Linux. curl | sh
" this is the configuration file for linux and mac systems
" symlink this to your home folder as .vimrc
" It loads pathogen and loads all modules from ~/.vim/bundles.
" It then loads ~/.vimrc_main which has the main
" configuration that works across all systems.
call pathogen#runtime_prepend_subdirectories(expand('~/.vim/bundles'))
call pathogen#helptags()
source ~/.vimrc_main
slmingol / .vimrc
Created July 4, 2012 20:57 — forked from planbnet/.vimrc
My .vimrc
scriptencoding utf-8
set encoding=utf-8
set nocompatible
""""""""""""""" SETUP VUNDLER """""""""""""""""""""""
if (filereadable($HOME."/.vim/bundle/vundle/autoload/vundle.vim"))
"(only if it's correctly installed)
filetype off
set rtp+=~/.vim/bundle/vundle/
:silent! call vundle#rc()
slmingol /
Created November 6, 2015 03:37 — forked from kanzure/
git-filter-branch examples and notes
Creates pretty-looking commit messages for git. This was created to pretty
print the old-commit-id values for filter-branched-rewritten commits in
pyphantomjs from the phantomjs repository.
import os
import sys
slmingol /
Created November 16, 2015 16:33 — forked from hofmannsven/
My simply Git Cheatsheet