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tombigel /
Last active Sep 23, 2022 — forked from a2ikm/limit.maxfiles.plist
How to Change Open Files Limit on OS X and macOS Sierra (10.8 - 10.12)

How to Change Open Files Limit on OS X and macOS

This text is the section about OS X Yosemite (which also works for macOS Sierra) from

The last time i visited this link it was dead (403), so I cloned it here from the latest snapshot in's Wayback Machine

Mac OS X

To check the current limits on your Mac OS X system, run:

lornajane /
Last active Sep 11, 2022
Keyboard Only OS X

Keyboard-only Mac Cheatsheet

Hi, I'm Lorna and I don't use a mouse. I have had RSI issues since a bad workstation setup at work in 2006. I've tried a number of extra hardware modifications but what works best for me is to use the keyboard and only the keyboard, so I'm in a good position and never reaching for anything else (except my coffee cup!). I rather unwisely took a job which required me to use a mac (I've been a linux user until now and also had the ability to choose my tools carefully) so here is my cheatsheet of the apps, tricks and keyboard shortcuts I'm using, mostly for my own reference. Since keyboard-only use is also great for productivity, you may also find some of these ideas useful, in which case at least something good has come of this :)

Apps List

There's more detail on a few of these apps but here is a quick overview of the tools I've installed and found helpful

Tool Link Comments
arogulin /
Last active Sep 1, 2022
How to setup Vortex Race 3 keyboard for Mac and move Fn key to Home

How to setup Vortex Race 3 for Mac with latest (on 2020-01-05) firmare V1.02.05.

For better understanding we will use the following naming convention:

  [ L1 ][ L2 ][ L3 ][ Space ][ R1 ][ R2 ][ R3 ]
  1. Reset everything by pressing L3+R1 for 5 seconds. Left LED will blink white color while you're holding the keys. Release them after it stopeed blinking.
  2. Get into one of the programmable layers (R2+RShift) – I like red, the super bright laser LED is the least super annoying in red.
  3. Put the keyboard in Windows Mode (Pn+W), it's the least problematic one.
odadoda /
Last active Jan 9, 2018
Bash if
if [ test-commands ]; then
#do something
elif [ more-commands ]; then
#do more something]
#do something else