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David Amos somacdivad

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using Base.Iterators
RIGHT = (0, 1)
DOWN = (1, 0)
LEFT = (0, -1)
UP = (-1, 0)
function involute(n::Int)::Matrix{Int}
directions = cycle((RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT, UP))
repeats = pushfirst!(collect(flatten(zip(n-1:-1:1, n-1:-1:1))), n-1)
somacdivad / lilac_chaser.jl
Created Feb 14, 2022
Julia code that reproduces Jeremy Hinton's "Lilac Chaser" illusion. See for more information on how the illusion works.
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using Javis
video = Video(500, 500)
N = 12
frames = 4(N+1)
Background(1:frames, (args...) -> background("grey70"))
# Draw crosshairs
Object(@JShape begin
View circle_illusion_with_actions.jl
using Animations
using ColorSchemes
using Javis
N = 6 # number of circles
radius = 20 # Radius of each circles
speed = 5 # degrees per frame
colors = ColorSchemes.rainbow1
video = Video(500, 500)
View circle_illusion.jl
using ColorSchemes
using Javis
N = 6 # Number of dots
radius = 20 # Radius of each dot
colors = ColorSchemes.rainbow1 # Color palette
speed = 10 # Degrees per frame
function draw_circle(frame, i, radius, speed)
# Angle of the direction vector for the dot
somacdivad / circles.jl
Created Feb 8, 2022
Makes an animation of four circle growing and shrinking while changing color.
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using Javis
using ColorSchemes
# Set the color scheme
# More options:
colors =
function circ(radius, color="white")
sethue(color) # Set the color of the circle
somacdivad / musical_graphs.jl
Last active Feb 2, 2022
Six graphs on four vertices and their musical chords
View musical_graphs.jl
import LinearAlgebra as LinAlg
import SparseArrays
import Graphs
import GraphRecipes: graphplot
import Plots: savefig
import WAV
function normalized_laplacian_matrix(g::Graphs.SimpleGraph)
somacdivad / graph_music.jl
Created Jan 31, 2022
Create music from graphs by converting the eigenvalues of the normalized Laplacian matrix to frequencies
View graph_music.jl
import LinearAlgebra as LinAlg
import SparseArrays
import Graphs
import WAV
function normalized_laplacian_matrix(g::Graphs.SimpleGraph)
A = Graphs.CombinatorialAdjacency(Graphs.adjacency_matrix(g).+ 0.0)
 = Graphs.NormalizedAdjacency(A)
somacdivad /
Last active May 27, 2018
Shuffling an iterator with itertools vs. random.shuffle().
import itertools as it
import random
import timeit
def shuffle(deck):
"""Return iterator over shuffled deck."""
deck = list(deck)
return iter(tuple(deck))

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