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Last active September 15, 2020 14:46
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OpenTable API Client - Visit for details
require "faraday"
require "faraday_middleware"
module OpenTable
class Error < StandardError ; end
module Request
def connection
connection = do |c|
def request(method, path, params={}, raw=false)
headers = {'Accept' => 'application/json'}
path = "/api#{path}"
response = connection.send(method, path, params) do |request|
request.url(path, params)
if [404, 403, 400].include?(response.status)
raise OpenTable::Error, response.body["error"]
raw ? response : response.body
def get(path, params={})
request(:get, path, params)
class Client
include Request
def countries
def cities(country=nil)
def restaurants(options={})
get("/restaurants", options)
def restaurant(id)
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is there is any api for open table for getting reviews of business .

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Can you please create a jsonp service, so we can just consume with javascript api without running into cross domain request issues? All you'd have to do is accept an additional argument, 'jsoncallback' and then wrap the data in a function call whose name is specified in that argument, returning content type application/javascript. No need for proxies.

Example jquery usage:
$.getJSON("[YOURDOMAIN]/opentable.php?jsoncallback=?",{,zip:zip}).done(function(data) {
if(data.count>0) {
//process data

opentable.php file:

I'm currently using this, but having to host the php file on my server.

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Is there any search available?
send back all restaurants with 7pm reservation for a given date

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I presume this is just a search API. There are no API's for locking a slot or making a reservation. Correct?

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Is there a way to get descriptions back for the restaurants?

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Is there any search available?
Why does the opentable link show only reservations until 9.30?
I have ref_id and I need to pass datetime and party size parameter into the request so that i can get same results on openTable.Please respond on this soon. .Thanks

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Is there any API to get the customer details who have done a reservation or book a table of particular a restaurant.

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Hey for all restaurants the image url are not working....

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luismdz commented Aug 27, 2020

Hi, the restaurants images (image_url) are not working, it shows the same image for all.

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alanscot commented Sep 5, 2020

Want to query restaurants within a GEO Square, FROM/TO Lat/Long

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1 - Restaurant image is always the same. Can this be fixed?

2 - Cuisine Type filter doesn't seem available. Is this something that can be added?

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