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Backup and restore a mysql database from a running Docker mysql container
# Backup
docker exec CONTAINER /usr/bin/mysqldump -u root --password=root DATABASE > backup.sql
# Restore
cat backup.sql | docker exec -i CONTAINER /usr/bin/mysql -u root --password=root DATABASE
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blu-IT commented Jul 19, 2022

Since you take a mysql dump, automatically the .sql file will appear in your host folder. Tell me what you think?


Thanks! I already solved its (inside my script) this way:

docker cp <container_id>:/file/path/within/container /host/path/target

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behai-nguyen commented Aug 7, 2022

Very sweet. Thank you very much.

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echanobe commented Aug 14, 2022

Thank you!

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Tipset commented Aug 17, 2022

This helped a bunch, thank you!

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hkanizawa commented Aug 24, 2022


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tomaszroot commented Aug 31, 2022


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botosdavid commented Sep 19, 2022

thank you so much!

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dorimusz commented Sep 19, 2022

Thanks a lot!

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ttcosta11 commented Sep 26, 2022

Thank you!

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tgiovanella87 commented Oct 12, 2022

Great! Thanks!

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paulovnas commented Nov 4, 2022

Very nice... Thank you so much.

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