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Using iOS 10.3 devices with Xcode 8.2.1
// The trick is to link the DeviceSupport folder from the beta to the stable version.
// Updated on Jan 24th, 2017 for Xcode 8.3b1
ln -s /Applications/\ \(14E5230d\)/ /Applications/
// Then restart Xcode and reconnect your devices. You will need to do that for every beta of future iOS versions
// sudo needed if you run the Mac App Store version. Always download the dmg instead... you'll thank me later :)
nuudles commented Jun 20, 2016

I prefer a symbolic link. Less duplication and still works!

ln -s /Applications/\ \(14A5261u\) /Applications/

rshev commented Jul 6, 2016

I'm getting strange kAMDMobileImageMounterDeviceLocked error with beta 2. Does it work for you guys?
(of course I use path for 14A5297c build)

gravicle commented Jul 6, 2016

@rshev: Was getting the same.

Restarted Xcode
Disconnected and then reconnected iPhone
Xcode processed symbol files again

Works now.

cherpake commented Jul 7, 2016 edited

For Beta2:

sudo ln -s /Applications/\ (14A5297c)/ /Applications/

hactar commented Jul 7, 2016

cherpake's didnt work for me, (missing a slash). This worked for me for beta2:

sudo ln -s /Applications/\ \(14A5297c\)/ /Applications/


@gravicle HELP. im getting kAMDMobileImageMounterDeviceLocked as well... tried everything, even xcode beta 8

ethanhuang13 commented Jul 19, 2016 edited

For Xcode 8 beta 3, use:

sudo ln -s /Applications/\ \(14A5309d\)/ /Applications/

Druux commented Jul 21, 2016

@ethanhuang13 I just created a symlink but I am still unable to switch the Deployment Target of my application in Xcode 7.3.1 to iOS 10.0...


Same problem as @ethanhuang13

ethanhuang13 commented Aug 2, 2016 edited

The symlink just create iOS 10 device support for Xcode 7. You still need to use Xcode 8 to build against iOS 10 SDK or to use iOS 10 as Deployment Target. However, if you want to play with iOS 10 SDK but would like to keep the status of your project, suggest to read: Simultaneous Xcode 7 and Xcode 8 compatibility.


For Xcode 8 beta 4:
sudo ln -s /Applications/\ \(14A5322e\)/ /Applications/

Legoless commented Aug 10, 2016 edited

For Xcode 8 beta 5:

sudo ln -s /Applications/\ \(14A5335a\)/ /Applications/

For Xcode 8 beta 6:

sudo ln -s /Applications/\ \(14A5339a\)/ /Applications/


I haven't had to re-do this since grabbing the device support folder from beta 1...but I updated iOS 10 to beta 6 and now I'm getting "Unable to read from device". Anyone confirm this doesn't happen if you regrab the device support folder from the latest Xcode 8 beta?

soffes commented Aug 16, 2016

I could get this to work with Xcode beta 6 but not on a device with beta 6. A device with beta 5 works though. Noticed the Device Support folder ends in 39a but the OS on my beta 6 device ends in 41a. Guessing that's the problem.


After adding the link to the beta 6 folder I'm sometimes getting strange errors in Xcode 7.3.1 when running my apps (even with the simulator).


Noticed the Device Support folder ends in 39a but the OS on my beta 6 device ends in 41a. Guessing that's the problem.

Yup...that would likely be the problem since Xcode doesn't think it should exist. >.<

tianguanghui commented Aug 17, 2016 edited

@soffes @jstheoriginal
I have the same problem about "Noticed the Device Support folder ends in 39a but the OS on my beta 6 device ends in 41a".
Is there any other way to resolve the problem?

2016-08-23 After I reset the iPhone networks,then reboot the iPhone,then I can build on my iPhone.


I was able to build on my OS X 10.11.6 machine using XCode 7.3.1 on an iPad Mini 4 running iOS 10.0 beta 6 but when I try building on my iPhone 6S running 10.0 beta 6. I get the "Cannot read from device" error. I have tried everything posted above to no avail.

StanislavK commented Aug 24, 2016 edited

2016-08-24: Copied the last 2 disk images from Xcode 8.b5+b6 and after I reboot (this is mandatory) iPhone (6S+) and restarted Xcode: I can now build from Xcode 7.3.1, thanks @tianguanghui


Finally!!! Back to being able to test iOS 10 with Xcode 7.

Thanks to @tianguanghui & @StanislavK

  1. Copy the 2 disk images from Xcode 8 b5/6 into Xcode 7 as described above.
  2. On your iPhone, go to Settings and reset your NETWORK settings.
  3. Restart iPhone and Xcode

It should now properly install the symbol files and let you install your build once that is complete.


What worked for me

Xcode 7.3.1 and Beta 6
iOS 10 beta 6

  1. sudo ln -s /Applications/\ \(14A5339a\)/ /Applications/
  2. iPhone: Settings > General > Reset > Network Settings
  3. Reboot iPhone
  4. Reboot Mac (restarting Xcode alone didn't work)
Maxatma commented Sep 6, 2016

Just create symlink like

sudo ln -s /Applications/\ \(xxXxxxxX\)/ /Applications/

but first find xxXxxxxX in your Xcode-beta folder:

I just reopen Xcode and it work, no reboots.



youweit commented Sep 19, 2016

this save my life


Nice, i read about this little trick at stack overflow but it didn't seem to work. But reconnect the iPhone was the missing detail. Thank you for this help.


👍 Thank you very much!!!


After I did "sudo ln -s /Applications/\ (14A456)/ /Applications/" , another error message appears: "The file “DeveloperDiskImage.dmg.signature” couldn’t be opened because there is no such file." Do you know why?


For iOS 10.1 beta 2 and Xcode 8.0:

sudo ln -s /Applications/\ (14B65)/ /Applications/

  • restart Xcode, then plug in device.

@loisyang Maybe check /Applications/ to see if there is folder 10.0 (14A456) as in your script. If not see comments above.


Shouldn't Xcode have an update that works with iOS 10.1 by now?


sudo ln -s "/Applications/ (14C5077a)/" "/Applications/"


sudo ln -s "/Applications/ (14E5230d)/" "/Applications/"


For iOS 10.3 b2 (14E5239e), get Xcode 8.3 b2 and then:

sudo ln -s /Applications/\ (14E5239d)/ /Applications/


I don't want to download Xcode 8.2 BETA ( 4.5 GB ). I need IOS os 10.3 SDK. Could you send /Applications/\ (14E5239d)/ me ? I need only ONE folder. Then, I paste this into Xcode folder. I hope that works correctly :)

If someone upload this folder, make me happy :)


@burakodabas , mate, did you try that? with the content folder? If you did ant its working, could you share it with me? :) :) 👍


Hello - I need to connect iOS 10.2.1 device in testplant app, please advise what version xcode, OSX version, and iOS GW to you used

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