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Last active December 8, 2022 15:47
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Detect if a process runs under Rosetta 2 on Apple Silicon M1 or native. Works for macOS and iOS.
@objc(PSTArchitecture) class Architecture: NSObject {
/// Check if process runs under Rosetta 2.
/// Use to disable tests that use WebKit when running on Apple Silicon
/// FB8920323: Crash in WebKit memory allocator on Apple Silicon when iOS below 14
/// Crash is in JavaScriptCore: bmalloc::HeapConstants::HeapConstants(std::__1::lock_guard<bmalloc::Mutex> const&)
@objc class var isRosettaEmulated: Bool {
// Issue is specific to Simulator, not real devices
#if targetEnvironment(simulator)
return processIsTranslated() == EMULATED_EXECUTION
return false
/// Test if the process runs natively or under Rosetta
private func processIsTranslated() -> Int32 {
let key = "sysctl.proc_translated"
var ret = Int32(0)
var size: Int = 0
sysctlbyname(key, nil, &size, nil, 0)
let result = sysctlbyname(key, &ret, &size, nil, 0)
if result == -1 {
if errno == ENOENT {
return 0
return -1
return ret
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Deco354 commented Jan 24, 2022

If you're implementing this yourself, don't omit the @objc and NSObject inheritance or you'll get a -1 result from processIsTranslated() every time.

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