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Tej Chajed tchajed

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tchajed / iteration.dfy
Created Oct 15, 2019
Iterating over sequences and sets in Dafny
View iteration.dfy
method sum_seq(xs: seq<int>) returns (z:int) {
var sum := 0;
var i := 0;
while i < |xs|
invariant i <= |xs|
sum := sum + xs[i];
i := i + 1;
return sum;
tchajed /
Created Sep 21, 2019
Starting a bash script
set -e
blue=$(tput setaf 4)
green=$(tput setaf 2)
red=$(tput setaf 1)
reset=$(tput sgr0)
info() {
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let blacklists = ["*", "*]
let newtab = ""

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tchajed / RecordUpdater.v
Last active Jul 23, 2018
Small library for creating record updaters in Coq
View RecordUpdater.v
Definition Reader E T := E -> T.
Definition get {E} : Reader E E := fun e => e.
Definition pure {E T} (x:T) : Reader E T := fun _ => x.
Definition ap {E A B} (f: Reader E (A -> B)) : Reader E A -> Reader E B :=
fun x => fun e => f e (x e).
Infix "<*>" := (ap) (at level 11, left associativity).
tchajed /
Last active Aug 19, 2016 — forked from supermarin/.env
Colored `man` pages on OS X
# Fish users
# Save this file as ~/.config/fish/functions/
function man
env \
LESS_TERMCAP_mb=\e"[1;31m" \
LESS_TERMCAP_md=\e"[1;31m" \
LESS_TERMCAP_me=\e"[0m" \
LESS_TERMCAP_se=\e"[0m" \
LESS_TERMCAP_so=\e"[1;44;33m" \
tchajed /
Last active Aug 12, 2016
Python re examples
import re
# match requires the entire string to match, while search will
# find a partial match
assert re.match("\d+", "123")
assert not re.match("\d+", "hello 123")
assert"\d+", "123")
assert"\d+", "hello 123")
tchajed / lambda-calculus.hs
Last active Aug 27, 2015
Parsec parser for the untyped lambda calculus
View lambda-calculus.hs
import Text.ParserCombinators.Parsec
import System.Environment (getArgs)
import Safe
data Expr =
Var Name -- variable
| App Expr Expr -- application
| Lambda Name Expr -- lambda abstraction
tchajed /
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Parse a CSV file of coordinates in Python
import csv
""" Read a CSV file of points.
Assumes each line of the file is a CSV list of coordinates, which are parsed as
def read_coords(fname):
with open(fname, 'rb') as f:
points = []
View chrome_load.js
// ==UserScript==
// @name jQuery For Chrome (A Cross Browser Example)
// @namespace jQueryForChromeExample
// @include *
// @author Erik Vergobbi Vold
// @description This userscript is meant to be an example on how to use jQuery in a userscript on Google Chrome.
// ==/UserScript==
// a function that loads jQuery and calls a callback function when jQuery has finished loading
function addJQuery(callback) {
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