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Last active Jan 13, 2020
The most comprehensive list of programmer jokes on the internet. Period. (Comprehensiveness of this list is in no way guaranteed. Statements of comprehensiveness are not meant to imply comprehensiveness. Use jokes at your own risk.) LICENSE: Creative Commons Sharealike

Comprehensive list of programmer jokes

How many programmers does it take to change a lightbulb?
Only one. But then the whole house falls down.
How many programmers does it take to change a lightbulb?
None. That is a hardware problem.
How many programmers does it take to change a lightbulb?
This is a known issue. When we installed the lightbulb we knew it had a finite TTL.
How many programmers does it take to change a lightbulb?

OK. Slightly - slightly - less half-baked thoughts about devops.

At the time of the Agile Manifesto, Agile's big competitor was the Rational Unified Process (RUP). It was a process that was tailorable to any situation. But it required tailoring to any given situation.

The intro to XP Explained was a breath of fresh air because it sharply limited its scope: small teams, requirements in flux. Then it said, prescriptively: such teams should do these N things, learn to do them really well, and leave all the "well, we're special because..." for later.

hfreire /
Last active May 31, 2022
How to emulate a Raspberry Pi (Raspbian Jessie) on Mac OSX (El Capitan)
# Install QEMU OSX port with ARM support
sudo port install qemu +target_arm
export QEMU=$(which qemu-system-arm)
# Dowload kernel and export location
curl -OL \
export RPI_KERNEL=./kernel-qemu-4.1.7-jessie
# Download filesystem and export location
Manu343726 / gist:ca0ceb224ea789415387
Created Sep 19, 2015
Running ARM docker image with QEMU on x86_64 Arch Linux host
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# Install quemu, docker, etc
yaourt -S qemu qemu-user-static binfmt-support
# The quemu-user-static AUR package is outdated and broken. The .deb package they pull is no longer in the ubuntu repository.
# Edit the PKGBUILD and use qemu-user-static_2.4+dfsg-3_amd64.deb (With SHA1 sum "84d83a16c60c82b6c579f2f750b04a3ac26c249b")
# Enable ARM emulation
update-binfmts --enable qemu-arm
ScotterC /
Created Sep 2, 2015
Git Hook PrePush protection for force pushing
# Called by "git push" after it has checked the remote status,
# but before anything has been pushed.
# If this script exits with a non-zero status nothing will be pushed.
# Steps to install, from the root directory of your repo...
# 1. git config --global init.templatedir '~/.git-templates'
# 2. mkdir -p ~/.git-templates/hooks
cat all.json |
# curl '' |
jq -r '
.[] |
dy-dx / .bash_profile
Last active Jun 15, 2021
My OSX .bash_profile
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# shellcheck shell=bash
# shellcheck source=/dev/null
[[ -s "$HOME/.profile" ]] && source "$HOME/.profile" # Load the default .profile
[[ -s "$HOME/.fzf.bash" ]] && source "$HOME/.fzf.bash"
export NVM_DIR="$HOME/.nvm"
[ -s "$NVM_DIR/" ] && . "$NVM_DIR/" # This loads nvm
[ -s "$HOME/.asdf/" ] && . "$HOME/.asdf/"
[ -s "$HOME/.asdf/completions/asdf.bash" ] && . "$HOME/.asdf/completions/asdf.bash"
dopiaza / slackpost
Created Sep 5, 2013
Post a message to a Slack channel
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# Usage: slackpost <token> <channel> <message>
# Enter the name of your slack host here - the thing that appears in your URL:
Blackshawk / blog - Switching to
Created Apr 2, 2013
Switching from Macports to Homebrew and getting my development environment back.
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I've been a MacPorts user for quite awhile now. There was nothing religious about the decision - on my first day of work I was handed a new Macbook Pro and proceeded to set up a development environment. Tried to, anyway. While I'd been an avid Mac user for most of my life I'd never actually used it for serious web development - I did some small work back in the 90's but that was the days of OS9 and it was all un-Unixy. Long story short: I was a newb at developing on OSX.

Being an Ubuntu user, I was pretty spoiled by apt-get. After about three mintues of trying to compile stuff myself I marched back into my boss's office and asked if there was a package manager for OSX. He directed me to the Mac Ports website and I left extremely relieved. I think I ran across Homebrew at some point but I never explored it further.

For about three months this was satisfactory. MacPorts works well enough but it has a habit of annoying you at certain intersections. The biggest problem, though, was that the rest of the wo

textarcana /
Last active Jun 20, 2022
2020 update: just use bat(1) instead!!!! bat has git integration and also can show invisible characters! OLD STUFF: How to enable syntax-highlighting in less. Use `less -N` (or type -N while in less) to enable line numbers. Based on the procedure described in
# Enable syntax-highlighting in less.
# Last tested on CentOS 6.3.
# First, add these two lines to ~/.bashrc
# export LESSOPEN="| /usr/bin/ %s"
# export LESS=" -R "
sudo yum -y install boost boost-devel ctags