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Thomas Weller thomasw-mitutoyo-ctl

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from luma.core.interface.serial import spi, noop
from luma.core.render import canvas
from luma.core.legacy import text
from luma.core.legacy.font import LCD_FONT, proportional
from luma.led_matrix.device import max7219
from time import sleep
serial = spi(port=0, device=0, gpio=noop())
scoreboard = max7219(serial, cascaded=4, block_orientation=-90)
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from time import sleep
from luma.core.render import canvas
from luma.led_matrix.device import ws2812
Pin connections:
VCC (red): 5 Volt, don't use Raspberry's power, because it may draw a lot of current
DIN (green): Pin 12, GPIO18
GND (white): Common ground
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Notes, comments and errata on Robert C. Martin's Clean Architecture

Reading the book

The book has 34 chapters, with a maximum of 22 pages (chapter 14). Even while involved as a programmer in a project, it should be possible to read one chapter per day, so you can finish the book in about 2 months.


Page 15, just before subchapter "The greater value".

thomasw-mitutoyo-ctl / gist:9dc43e0ec0d41af970d3a5c755c1cb74
Last active Apr 26, 2018 — forked from pdwetz/gist:5368441
Outputs a POCO for a given MySql table. Based on with changes for ShaoLinq.
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select 'replacewithtablename' into @table;
select 'replacewithdatabasename' into @schema;
select GROUP_CONCAT(r.x SEPARATOR '\n') from
select '[DataAccessObject]'as x,'grp'as grp union
select concat('public abstract class ',@table,'{') as x, 'grp' as grp
select concat('[PersistedMember]\npublic abstract ',tps.dest,IF(tps.dest = 'string', ' ', IF(is_nullable = 'NO', ' ', '? ')), REPLACE(column_name, ' ', ''),' {get;set;}'), 'grp'
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