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Last active Jan 29, 2021
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CSS Frameworks (Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS, Bulma, React Bootstrap, Chakra UI, Ant Design)

Reddit post 2020/04/04 - React: Choosing a Frontend Framework/Library

I would go with vanilla Bootstrap (just the Sass part, not the JS part).


Bootstrap CSS utilities are very nice: same principles as Tailwind CSS.

Small example app: (React with hooks, Bootstrap 4, TypeScript, React Router, Jest)

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Tailwind CSS

You will read only good things about it on Reddit, Twitter... people love it. See it as lower level compared to Bootstrap, it does not come with a UI: you have to code it yourself (you could re-create Bootstrap using it). Fits perfectly if you need to code your own design system. People are rediscovering the simplicity of CSS classes.

React Bootstrap/Reactstrap

Use React Bootstrap/Reactstrap only when needed (collapse for example): one layer less to learn and maintain. Does not bring that much value (<button className="btn btn-primary"> vs <Button variant="primary">) + you will be able to update Bootstrap without waiting for React Bootstrap/Reactstrap to catch up.


Very popular right now (and well done, well maintained, well tested and documented, full of features...) but kind of bloated: JSS, generates a big and ugly DOM, more concepts to grasp...


Too minimalist, quite verbose (is-three-quarters, is-three-fifths, is-primary, has-icons-left...), with very limited utility classes.

Chakra UI

Less popular than Material-UI, too new and does not come with unit tests: I would never invest time using a UI library that is not properly tested.

Ant Design

Less popular than Material-ui, huge bundle:

And they did that: (!!!)

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