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Save ttscoff/5834741 to your computer and use it in GitHub Desktop.
Create a bookmark and paste the code from `grab links.bookmarklet` into the url. Trigger it on a page containing links you want to save and then click the section of the page containing the links. A Markdown list of all links will be generated, and clicking the resulting list will select all for copying.
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would be nice if escape would cancel the function.

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jazzbox commented Jan 2, 2016

Unfortunately the bookmarklet does not work as expected with (with Safari): all link titles are empty!

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Anzumana commented Jan 8, 2016

Is not working on youtube.
Tried to grap some link out of the video description section. for testing.
Under Chrome + Mac 10.10.5
Hope issue is reproducible.

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ahoier commented Dec 3, 2018

This doesnt appear to be working on any work around to grab the google maps links from this google embeddded map?

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