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var TWO_PI = 2 * Math.PI;
function tmpl (template, dict) {
return template.replace(/\$\{([^\}]*)\}/g, function (_, name) {
return dict[name];
function makeSegment (args, options) {
// args is {startAngle, angle, index, className}
View print.html
<!doctype html>
<meta charset="utf-8">
<title>Multi-page print test</title>
Print to PDF, landscape, letter size, no margins, enable background graphics.
Tested on Chrome.
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Verifying that +elazutkin is my blockchain ID.
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This is my recommended path for learning Haskell.

Something to keep in mind: don't sweat the stuff you don't understand immediately. Just keep moving.

Primary course

Installing Haskell

Ubuntu PPA

View gist:9609662
version: grunt-cli v0.1.8
1. Install node-inspector globally (-g)
npm install -g node-inspector
2. Add debugger statements to your code
3. Run your grunt task in debug mode
View nginx-webp-sample.conf
user www-data;
http {
# Basic Settings
sendfile on;
tcp_nopush on;
View output.txt
$ node test_ctr_aop.js
View data-table.css
* + table {
* + table th, * + table td {
View minified.js
/* UMD.define */ (typeof define=="function"&&define||function(d,f,m){m={module:module,require:require};module.exports=f.apply(null,{return m[n]||require(n)}))})
(["module", "../main"], function(module, unit){
// module's code
/* UMD.require */ (typeof define=="function"&&require||function(d,f,m){m={module:module,require:require};f.apply(null,{return m[n]||require(n)}))})
(["module", "../main"], function(module, unit){
// module's code
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Hello there! This is a sample post for, a super-lightweight writing soapbox for hackers.

Now look up. Further. Above the post title. See that grey text with the gist ID?

Now back to me. That grey text is a link! Open that sucker in a new tab to see the source for this post. Also, I'm on a horse.

This is a major heading

If you peek at it with a web inspector, you'll see that it is a second-level heading. You can use first level headings, but they'll look just like the second level ones, and the gods of the HTML5 outlining algorithm will frown upon you.

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