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dennishall1 / split-svg-spritesheet.js
Created March 17, 2016 19:06
Split SVG Spritesheet into individual SVG files
var fs = require('fs');
var path = require('path');
var markup = fs.readFileSync('sprite.svg').toString();
var lines = markup.split(/\n/g);
var symbols = {};
var currentSymbol = null;
voluntas / webrtc.rst
Last active May 21, 2024 05:35
WebRTC コトハジメ
yattom /
Last active January 8, 2021 06:39
import javax.crypto.*;
import javax.crypto.spec.*;
import org.apache.commons.codec.binary.Base64;
jsteiner / projections.json
Last active November 17, 2017 22:17
Example Rails.vim projections for an Ember.js project.
"app/assets/javascripts/models/*.coffee": {
"command": "jmodel",
"alternate": "spec/javascripts/models/",
"template": "App.%S = DS.Model.extend"
"app/assets/javascripts/controllers/*": {
"command": "jcontroller",
"alternate": "spec/javascripts/controllers/",
tomdale / gist:3981133
Last active November 26, 2019 21:19
Ember.js Router API v2


This gist is outdated! For the most up-to-date information, please see!

It All Starts With Templates

An Ember application starts with its main template. Put your header, footer, and any other decorative content in application.handlebars.

andykram / .vimrc
Created May 21, 2012 20:00
Using rails.vim to make backboning with the asset pipeline easier
" Shortcuts for backbone.js via the asset pipeline
autocmd User Rails Rnavcommand bbmodel app/assets/javascripts/backbone/models -glob=*
autocmd User Rails Rnavcommand bbhelper app/assets/javascripts/backbone/helpers -glob=*
autocmd User Rails Rnavcommand bbmixin app/assets/javascripts/backbone/mixins -glob=*
autocmd User Rails Rnavcommand bbrouter app/assets/javascripts/backbone/routers -glob=*
autocmd User Rails Rnavcommand bbtemplate app/assets/javascripts/backbone/templates -suffix=.jst.hbs -glob=**/*
autocmd User Rails Rnavcommand bbview app/assets/javascripts/backbone/views -glob=**/*
" Shortcuts for less.js via the asset pipeline
autocmd User Rails Rnavcommand less app/assets/stylesheets/less -suffix=.less -glob=**/*
logankoester / rails.vim
Created October 4, 2011 20:34
Useful Rails.vim macros
" Factories and Configuration
Rnavcommand config config -suffix=.yml -default=application
Rnavcommand factory spec/factories test/factories -suffix=.rb -default=model()
" Backbone
Rnavcommand bmodel app/assets/javascripts/backbone/models -default=model()
Rnavcommand bview app/assets/javascripts/backbone/views
" Apotomo Widgets (Cells)
Rnavcommand widget app/widgets -suffix=_widget.rb
seki / otto.rb
Created December 11, 2010 13:01
require 'drb'
require 'pp'
require 'net/https'
require 'oauth'
require 'json'
class JSONStream
def initialize(drop)
@buf = ''
@drop = drop
schacon /
Created November 12, 2010 20:48
RubyConf Talk