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image resize in github flavored markdown.

Image source

Try resize it!

  • ![]( | width=100)

  • ![]( =250x250)

  • ![](

    • Copy <img> in browser DevTools. Replace ![](url) to <img>. Add width(and height) attr.
    • <img src="" data-canonical-src="" width="200" height="400" />

Other information

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Thanks guys, it also worked for me. After getting the URL from pasting the image in the "Issues" tab, i pasted it on the readme file and replaced: ![image](https://your-image-url.type) with <img src="https://your-image-url.type" width="600">

That is really helpfull my man, ty

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This worked for me.
I'm using this for a jekyll site.

![alt](image.png){: width="50%"}

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rnag commented Dec 25, 2022

@GuillermoFidalgo thanks, you my hero 😺

work for me in a jekyll scenario as well.

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Thank You!
(used the img tag trick)

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andry81 commented Dec 29, 2022

![alt](image.png){: width="50%"}

Still does not work in github repo readme. The {: width="50%"} part just does ignore.

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rnag commented Dec 30, 2022

@andry81 from what I understand that's just for building static sites with jekyll - i.e. with github pages or similar

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sebaptcd commented Jan 3, 2023

Great info, worked for me!

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SuayMack commented Jan 5, 2023

Thank You!

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gforien commented Jan 11, 2023

Thank you !!
![alt|500](https://image.png) or simply ![|500](https://image.png) worked for me in Obsidian

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