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echo -n '{"a":5,"b":7}' | jsonmap -r '$_->{"a"}." and ".$_->{"b"}'
# usage: $0 [options] <perlcode> [<inputfile>]
# reads json from stdin/inputfile, or if -R given, reads whole input as a string
# perlcode gets the json/string as a perl object in $_
# return object from perlcode is encoded as json to stdout, or passed as-is if -r given
# pretty-printed by default, -c for compact
# all input/output is in UTF-8


$ github-diff origin/master 04ed4b

Requires the commits to be available locally, so you might have to git fetch first.

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var gt = require('through-gulp');
.pipe(gt(function visitFile(file, enc, cb) {
console.log("file '" + file.path + "' contents: " + file.contents.toString());
cb(null, file);
}, function visitEnd(cb) {
console.log("No more files");

Logitech TrackMan Marble FX scroll wheel patch for the Linux kernel

This patch alters the usbmouse kernel driver to support a "scroll wheel mode" using the fourth button (the red button) when connected through a "ID 04d9:1400 Holtek Semiconductor, Inc. PS/2 keyboard + mouse controller" usb-to-ps2 adapter. No idea how things work with other adapters.

It seems the fourth button generates events, but the state of the button is not represented in any bits (at least by said usb-to-ps2 adapter).

However since "no buttons pressed" is only ever reported when releasing a single button being pressed, detecting multiple "no buttons pressed" events can be used to identify usage of the fourth button.

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"acme": {
"certstorePath": "/etc/certs/",
"accounts": [
"id": "nitor-srv01",
"provider": "acme://",
"acceptedAgreement": "",
"certificates": [
"id": "conflu",
import io.vertx.core.Vertx;
public class DynamicCertOptions implements KeyCertOptions {

irssi keybindings for switching between up to 999 windows

Use these keybindings to access up to 999 windows using at most 4 keys:

alt-0 .. alt-9 -> windows 0..9 (standard keybindings)
alt-q 0 .. alt-q 9 -> windows 10..19
alt-w 0 .. alt-w 9 -> windows 20..29
alt-p 0 .. alt-p 9 -> windows 90..99
alt-a 0 0 .. alt-a 0 9 -> windows 100..109

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am xkr47 on github.
  • I am xkr47 ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key ASAdU_1qct6ysfYXrUMHiqUK2K56kgS3YnExyhUfI1cYHgo

To claim this, I am signing this object:


I wanted to create a Swing app in Ceylon and figured I'd give using the UI designer a shot. Here are the necessary steps to get it to work:


Change IDEA settings

  • From the menu: File -> Settings
  • Navigate to Editor / GUI designer
  • Make sure "Generate GUI into:" has Java source code selected
  • Change "Default accessibility for UI-bound fields:" is something else than "private", for example package-private
  • Click OK to save